Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm Procrastinating!

I realised in the shower this morning, that tomorrow was No.4's third birthday.  Now don't get me completely wrong, I did know it was tomorrow, but it was morning and these things can come as a bit of a shock at that time of day.  And me being me these days, meant I hadn't done a single bit of food shopping for her party. 

Luckily I managed to find her a few things to buy as presents yesterday as I was a desperate woman.  Well you try and think what to get a fourth girl!  Trust me it isn't easy.  Oh and I made her a pretty nightie last night.

So here I am on the computer, instead of sorting the house out.  I'm thinking of this time as a download of information and head clearing.  I think it will help greatly.  Well here's hoping anyway.

So first on the list of chores was the supermarket, with two littlies in tow, due to the fact that No.3 is overtired from kindy this week. Perhaps home life is just way too relaxing.  My goodness the tantrums this week would make you hide away in a cupboard and not come out for a week. 

So we bought many suitably sugary foods and green flavoured milk.  Big sister will not be impressed as she had planned a pink party for her.  Well actually it won't matter as she was sacked as Party Planner this morning.  Honestly that girl couldn't organise a picnic for ants!  And check out these serviettes!!!  I passed her the pink spotty ones but no...  I want these ones.    All 50 of them!  She insists they are yellow.  We always did worry about her lack of colour names.

I have since made a list to help me on my way.  It's not been much help so far, has it?  Goodness just look at all that cleaning!  It could take me most of the afternoon just to locate the vacuum, let alone find the duster.  The girls take much pride in writing their names in the dust on the TV cabinet, so they really should be removed.  Clearly a man invented the staticky materials the cabinet is made from.

And these packets, dear friends, is somehow to be turned into this...

Apparently.  Good grief!  I'm hoping its simplistic design is simple to make.  I have shaped the cake and it's in the freezer, so step one completed.  That was in a mad panic last night when I realised the sponge was going to go stale if I didn't get a wriggle on.

Oh golly, the pressures we put upon ourselves.  Still it's only her third birthday, so one should probably look like they've made some sort of effort.  My mother thinks it would be a good idea to have just one party per year, for all of them.   I think she may be on to something there.  I actually remember a joint party when I was six and my brother was 7.  We were born 19 months apart!  Mmmm.

Now I really must pull myself away from your lovely company.  Oh look... it's five to twelve.  Lunch time. 
Well I'm sure the list will empty itself sometime.


Joan said...

We always had our own cake, and of course gifts, on our birthdays, but it was just immediate family. At some point in time, my mother decided that a party every year for each of her four girls was just too much. We had parties with additional food and guests about every third year. And you'll be glad to know that we are all well-adjusted adults. No emotional harm done by lack of a yearly party!

Juanita Tortilla said...

Might you be one of those that work well under pressure?

Those napkins are... lime green? You know, not to be a wet blanket, but I think my party ideas would have run out by now... And it isn't fun recycling and repeating party themes, eh?

Can't wait to hear how this green party went. Especially that mysterious green milk!

the cookie cutter said...

Good luck with all the planning and the making! Parties are fun, but I also put myself under sooo much pressure! Shew, hope they appreciate all we do.... maybe when they are moms one day!xx

VintageVicki said...

You're like me - in a round of birthdays at the moment - have had 6 since christmas with another one next week to sort (big son).

I like August - we've no birthdays then!!

Michela said...

Happy happy birthday sweetie!
I'm sure your party will be perfect..your mummy just loves joking! xxx

Anonymous said...

You've made me feel so much better - I also leave party planning to the very last minute. I'm sure that it will all go swimmingly!xx

TheMadHouse said...

I can not wait to see the cake, I am sure she will love it no matter what

Anonymous said...

green milk... ? it sounds , well , very interesting... :))
Happy birthday to your little daughter! I'm sure everything will be great and everybody will have a very lovely time. I'd like to see the cake too, you are soooo clever at making fabulous cakes!

and you asked me about my Polly Wooly, well, I'd like to put it in a frame.
hugs and a good birthday celebrations!

Floss said...

Ah, a wonderful real life post - it feels like this when I remember Son 2's birthday is coming up, so close to Christmas. Surely his dad and I could have planned things better?

Hold on in there and you'll do it - we'll be thinking of you! And maybe it would be a good idea to think of other ways to celebrate, with a bit of party-work reduction, in future! Why not?

claire said...

I hear you!!! But replace girl for boy!!!
I wake up sometimes in a panic that I've missed a you say I know when they were born (I was there after all!!) but in the busy busy of things - your mind trys to trip you up!!
Good Luck and Happy Birthday to your little girl xxx said...

Good grief you must go like a racing horse! All the things you manage to do, leaves me in a spin! I hope it all goes well! I think a joint party sounds good! suzie xxx

Mary Poppins said...

Looking forward to seeing the cake, Mmmmm I am a procrastinator too ;)


Lululiz said...

Tehehehe, and there was me thinking that you are so well organised .........