Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cleaning? What's That?

I just knew you lovely ladies wouldn't let me down!  No, I knew most of us crafty sorts would be a little slack in the housekeeping area.  But I have to say it's very nice to know I'm not alone!  One can only improve after all, and there is certainly room for great improvement over here.  And I am trying a little harder than usual at the moment.

No.1's class was involved in a Water Wise programme today.  This meant a trip to the local beach to learn about sailing, water safety and kayaking.  And a morning off cleaning for me.  No.4 and I went along to watch with our little morning tea picnic.  A lovely time was had by all, especially the two of us.  Such a lovely way to spend the morning.  We get to do it all again next week too.  I can't wait.

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago for you.  I only just discovered this amazing building and was quite blown away at the size of it and the materials it is built in.  It's the new home of Lion Brewery.  I'm not a beer person personally, but I do like their new premises.  It's a bit tricky to see, but on the right hand side of that hugely huge glass window, there is a lion etched on the glass.

Now have any of you had the pleasure of reading either of these lovely books?  I recently issued them out of our library.  Great bedtime reading.  They are titled quilt and stitch, handmade style. 

Just look at this beautiful photo.  So pretty and peaceful.  The quilt reminds me of my first nine patch.  I think I quite like this pattern and the button in the centre of each patch is a sweet touch.

These little jar covers are very natural looking.  I can see linen with a string tie looking just as nice, but simpler and quicker.  And I'm all for quicker!

How about some covered buttons with stitching?  I absolutely adore covered buttons.  Have I told you before?  I must find out where to buy them in bulk as they are so expensive in the shops.  I think they make any outfit or creation just that little bit more special.  Personalised.

And it's never too late to start preparing for Christmas is it?  Well maybe a little but you could be tempted  to start early with this darling little tree.  See the presents below?  They each have a little ribbon bow on top.  So cute.

Now I found this little drawn thread Christmas sampler in a box.  I stitched it when I lived in England for a year pre children and hubby.  It's very difficult to see in the photo, but there are tiny little seed beads on the wreath.  I think I really should do something with it.  Not sure what really.  Frame it I guess.  Not sure what would suit it best.  Any ideas?

I haven't got anything out for dinner yet again!  It's now 4pm.  The washing is still in the machine.  The toast plates are still on the bench.  But the children are happy and I'm enjoying my time with you.  But really, I must shoot off and do some wee chores.  Must get that clean pinny on too before hubby arrives home soon!


Floss said...

The sampler is wonderful! I can't decide about how best to frame it, but I wonder about a whitewashed ( not glossy) frame with a good surround of matt red card around the sampler, to set it off. It's worth putting on the wall for sure.

Your Water Wise stuff sounds fun! It's thinking about snowing here...

Serenata said...

I love the sampler, it is beautiful. I like Floss's suggestion of how to frame it.
Cleaning? Housework? What's that?! ;-)

Sarah said...

Yep, white frame, red for Christmas. As much as I adore red I just can't imagine it. There is a bit of silver stitching as well in there, if that makes any difference.

Anonymous said...

Sarah,your sampler is beautiful !What about framing I'm not an expert unfortunately ,but I wouldn't put red around it , for me it would be a bit too much.Maybe a nice old and cracked wooden frame with cream card around the sampler ? I don't know.

clare's craftroom said...

Sarah you have some beautiful things here !

Anonymous said...

That Christmas tree is so cute. QD is a general 'cheap' store over here. They sell an awful lot of tacky tat but there are a few beauties in there too if you look hard enough!

Lululiz said...

Distressed matte white frame would be my choice for a frame for that lovely little sampler. Which is quite beautifully stitched, I hasten to add.

Joan said...

You can get covered buttons in bulk at I searched supplies and got a number of results:

Michela said...

Sarah..I would like to exchange your beach for Venice, please!!!!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

oooh it looks so beautiful there, I'm so jealous!! :)

I think that mothers of four are simply amazing, just getting four up and fed and happy takes an incredible about of drive and energy!!