Monday, 25 January 2010

A Curtain Quarrel

The garden clean-up unveils several birds nests, and there were others in Spring that weren't so lucky.  I love the way they are built from little scraps collected on the ground.  A bit like a patchwork quilt in a way.  They are both put together with loads of love and excitement for the big day.  I love how one nest has a shiny bike ribbon threaded through and another a huge Puka leaf.

Moving on to inside now.  The curtain lady returned today with another armload of fabrics.  This time she had just the thing.  Well actually two just the things.  Seems hubby and I have different opinions on the matter.  The girls are firmly on my side, just as well, they know who cooks their meals!  Well occasionally anyway.  Power cut from 4-7pm tonight meant fish and chips at Nana and Papa's was the only viable option, such a pity.

So anyway without further delay, here is Exibit A:

And now Exhibit B:

And here lies A and B, side by side, peacefully so far:

So would you like to give us your marvelous opinion?  Don't be scared of saying the wrong thing.  No one will bite your head off I promise.  There may be a little huffing if you say the wrong thing, but I won't hold it against you.  Righty ho, the lines are open.


Juanita Tortilla said...

Yowza... tough choice.
I like "A" for its sheen, but also "B" for its stripes and 'gender neutrality'... Hmm.
In my opinion, "A" might give the place a more 'dramatic' look and feel to the place, while "B" has a more fuss-free look. What say you?

Those birds nests are adorable. Little creatures of wonder, those nest builders otherwise known as birds.

TheMadHouse said...

Those nests are wonderful, really nice to have.

Curtain wise, I prefer a, but Mrs practical in me is asking about washing instructions. Can b be hand or machine washed. I went with washable curtains and have saved so much money in dry cleaning costs!!

kleinzonnetje said...

I think B. Oh I do hope that was the right answer.....!

claire said...

a for me ....but I share concern for washing.....was I right?? Am I on team wife or team husband lol!!!
(actually I like both - its a tough call xx)

Dotty Jane said...

I choose B! It looks crisp. I do like the top part of A, though. I'm sure my opinion is a lot of help:) Enjoy your choice, whichever it is! said...

I honestly like them both, but I would choose B, because it looks more natural. Thats just me, but I think they are both lovely! suzie. xxx

sallgood said...

The nests are beautiful! And your nest is certainly going to be beautiful with all of your sprucing up, inside and out!!
I like B the best- from the photo it looks like it has just a bit of the carpet tone in it, and I like the lower sheen too. BUT...A has some sparkle and drama that's fun too!!

Lululiz said...


And that plate you tried to throw at me, well it missed!!!

Tehehehe, had you going, didn't I? I like the second one, yep, I think thats the one.

Anonymous said...

OK - for what it's worth I like the bottom part of 'A', but am not crazy about the top.From the photo they don't seem to go fantastically well together (but maybe that's just the angle/lighting etc.? So it's going to have to be 'B'. Sorry if I'm in the wrong camp!xx

Sarah said...

Oh golly, the top part of A is just another curtain sample from the same range. Sorry to confuse some of you! I'm taking note of those of you who have not chosen wisely!!!

Croap Queen said...

In view of the fact that you're taking notes on those who have not chosen wisely, I like both. If I get it right, would you then consider lending hubby out? Heehee

Megbud said...

I like A slightly more. Looks more luxurious to me in the pic.

Joan said...

You've made it so tempting, but I'm going to stay out of the man vs. wife fray.