Friday, 12 February 2010

Houses for the Homeless

Victoria from Bumble Beans Inc is looking for kind people to help her make quilts for the homeless families in New York.  You can make just one house patch or as many as you like.  Well I've been wanting to try my hand at making one of these cuties for quite some time now so I jumped in immediately.  It's nice to know I'm helping someone out and at the same time learning a new block.

Well as I said I jumped in.  Here is my first attempt at one of these houses.  I think a couple of the measurements may need adjusting as my finished block is 1/2" too small.  Hmmm?  V did write the instructions out in a hurry so she may have made an error or two. 

I can't say I like what I've done one little bit!  The green fabric isn't printed straight with the grain so that's out immmediately and what's with that washed out floral print??.  Perhaps next time I'll use more randomly printed fabrics or plains.  I haven't done the heart yet either as I'm not sure if I'll ever use it.  Perhaps I'll put it aside for a kitchen sink quilt like V has just finished.  Fab idea of hers.   She used up all the little practice bits collected over the years and made a quilt with them.  It's quite amazing, go and check it out.

Now if any of you lovely people are interested in helping out, just pop over and visit Victoria and leave her a message.  She'll be thrilled to hear from you!


bekimarie said...

What a lovely idea, will pop over.
Totally lost my mojo at the moment so hoping it returns quickly be I get withdrawl symptoms ;)

Take care
Beki xxx said...

What a wondeful idea! suzie xxx

Croap Queen said...

What a lovely idea - I'm working with a team that supports street homeless people here in the UK and it's nice to know there's help for them in other countries too :-)

Jo x


Sizes were fixed and are now correct, (or at least closer to trim to 10.5

i hate math, i much prefer sewing... ;-) If you can collect blocks and mail at once that would be cool too! I like the house, the scrappier the better... When they are all together they will look great. feel free to add a tiny lawn or more sky to make it 10.5 it doesn't have to be perfect... they will be loved! thank you Sarah! You've been so generous in the past with the other projects. your awesome!

Pomona said...

I think it looks rather sweet and rustic - I never manage to make things dead straight and I think that is part of the attraction of homemade! And I love the colours of the fabrics below - I am just trying to catch up with blog reading - I feel like I have missed out on rather a lot!

Pomona x

Michela said...

I wish I could help, but I'm totaly hopeless..
Hope you and your lovely family had a great Valentine's weekend xxxx