Sunday, 24 January 2010

Finished Projects

Do you think our big girls are going to be patchwork lovers too? What a pretty path to our newly decorated family room.

Now I said I had some big news for you today, didn't I? Well guess what I've been busy doing the last couple of weeks? Mmm? Remember this quilt...

Well Daughter No.2's birthday is next Saturday and she was wondering if maybe her quilt might just be ready by then. Well the guilt really set in and off I went in a mad hurry with promises to have it completed in time. (It was meant to be for Christmas!)
Turns out my free-motion quilting isn't the best so hand quilting the floral squares was in order. Yes quite freaky really with such a short time to do it in! But... I did it with a whole week to spare!!! Hurray! My second quilt is ready for gifting and I'm so pleased with it. Not half as pleased as she will be on her 9th birthday. Can't wait. Sorry, photos will have to wait. She's not seen it as I've been working on it in the evenings only.

Now take a look at the latest makeover. This is the before shot up here. The garden here has been a bit of a mess of late, with overgrown plants taking over and not looking that great at all.

Loving these leaves from the Canna Lillies!

And here, after a very hard mornings work by that fabulous hubby of mine, (gosh he makes hard work look easy!) is a very neat and tidy garden with room for the plants to be enjoyed and actually seen.

I just love the new look of my washing area now. The neighbour's cat is not quite as impressed and hubby is finding his holiday isn't that relaxing! But goodness our house is slowly becoming a very welcoming home. Makes me want to spring clean. Not cook unfortunately. That would be overdoing it a little.

Isn't our baby palm tree just the cutest?

Meanwhile, the girls and I made Peppermint Creams. Daughter No.2 thought pink more appropriate for some pretty hearts. I quite agree with her. I wouldn't say it was cleaner work than what was going on outdoors, but definitely tastier.

The recipe came from this wonderful book delivered at Christmas by Santa. It's such a lovely read and full of really simple yummy recipes for all occasions. We have our eyes on a pink cheesecake next!

Just the chocolate dipping to do. A bit messy to make and quite time consuming so we'll save some for our parties which are only one week apart. Littlest one turns three the following Saturday. Who's stupid idea was that?! The other two are exactly two weeks apart so birthday's are in clusters around here.

Right I'd better go and make a well deserved cuppa tea for a tired boy. Maybe a good time to do a little bit of house work too. Like empty the dishwasher from last night! Eeek!


TheMadHouse said...

Wow Sarah, you have been busy. I guess you are just in tidy mode for a new year. I am really impressed with the quilt and the cooking too. I think I could do with your man for a while to get me motivated!!

Anonymous said...

You're so industrious at the moment - please slow down, as you are making me feel super lazy! Father Christmas delivered that book to our house too!xx

Sarah said...

I'm afraid hubby still has the front yard to do so no lending him out just yet I'm sorry!

I'm wandering around the house wondering what to make! I have a little girl turning three in two weeks and I have absolutely no idea what to give her at all!!! I mean nothing. Any ideas people? Fourth girl, has no need for anything.

Lululiz said...

What do you bribe him with????
That man is worth his weight in gold.

Well done on finishing the quilt, can't wait to see close ups.

meg said...

Oh I'm going to make a princess and the pea set for my niece this year, maybe she'd like one of those? Or a super hero cape? Or a crayon roll? I have boys so don't have a lot of girly ideas sorry.

The blogger thing is under "settings" "basic", down the bottom under the orange heading "global settings". I always size my pictures small for web too but the new system lets you change the size once you've uploaded it and move them around more easily. So nice.

Under the "comments" tab you can set word verification for your comments (you have it on at the moment) and choose to have comments in a pop up window or embedded below the post. Have fun!

Floss said...

Great work on both quilt and garden. Everything's on hold for me at the moment but it's great seeing others work hard!

I just checked and there is an equivalent cookbook for boys (phew), which I may suggest for presents... It's by the same people as our Round the World book so it could be a bit repetitive. I'll try to find out a bit more about it.

Serenata said...

Sarah, what a lot of trouble you are going to for a bloggy visitor from England! Tidied the garden, decorated the living room, mmm yummy peppermint creams! ;-)

Oh and a beautifully decorated pathway!

Croap Queen said...

Wow, it all looks lovely Sarah and nicely set off by a colourful path.

However, I do think you're mean not even considering lending out hubby.

Jo x

sallgood said...

What a busy time you've been having, but look at the great results all around!!!

(And the cookbook looks like one I might have to get for my grand-girls!!)

PS. I'm having a giveaway over at my blog! :D

jus said...

We've been busy gardening too...I'm awash with courgettes and radishes at present, just as well it's still hot enough for salad every mealtime! x

Joan said...

Beautiful job on the quilt, as always.