Saturday, 23 January 2010

Papa's Transport Day

We've been to a little girl's 3rd birthday party this morning. This is the nightie I made for her. I do love the fabric and must buy some more as it's so very pretty. It's put together like a pillowcase nightie with a bit of lace at the front and pink gingham ribbons.

A holiday tradition has started from Papa's obsession with public transport. For the past two years Papa has taken the big girls out for the day, to use as many different forms of transport as they possibly can. He's getting a bit fancier now, there were folders with itineraries, pens, worksheets and a notebook for recording train numbers etc. Honestly, I couldn't think of anything worse!

They went off with great excitement with the promise of a very exciting and special secret that Papa was hoping to pull off.

First off they drove to Sylvia Park to catch a train to Britomart (the city station) a short distance away. Train number SA5733.

Lemonade and a flat white were consumed. The first of four coffees apparently! Papa says what goes on during the trip, stays on the trip thank you!!

The Maritime Museum was visited quickly before they left for a sail on the Ted Ashby sailing ship where they participated in putting up the sails.

There was a huge cruise ship in, Dawn Princess, and their sail boat went up close to it. Unfortunately No.1 was visiting the toilets when they travelled under the bridge! Really the fascination in toilets. Someone was bungy jumping off the bridge too. Not for the faint hearted.

They saw a man standing next to the ship who looked like an ant in comparison. There's the sky tower point (Aucklands tallest structure) you can see in the photo below. The rest of the tower is behind the tall building.

They crossed the harbour by The Kea ferry boat to Devonport. There were two levels and they insisted on sitting on the top level. The toilets were not visited this time. They used this time to fill in their log books.

When they disembarked from the ferry, they came across three horses pulling a carriage. A huge surprise for all. The girls got front row seats and were even allowed to whip the poor horses. They enjoyed a ten minute ride around the block and No.1 kept looking out for places to eat for lunch.

Lunch was enjoyed at Subway, where rolls were consumed followed by Fanta. Papa had his second flat white.

They returned to the city by ferry again and hopped on the Link bus to visit the new railway station at Newmarket. It only opened the previous day so it was all very nice and clean. The train was on time unlike the first time. Then they rode another train back to the city in order to catch another ferry boat to Half Moon Bay.

Nana was there to meet them and take them home some eight hours later. My goodness they had a fabulous day and they were tired girls and Papas. Oh and that special secret didn't happen. It was going to be one of those bike and carriage rides but they couldn't find them! Never mind the horse and carriage was way better.


I've been busy with a bit of summer cleaning this week. I've sorted and tidied our huge games cupboard to make room for some of my fabrics. (At least I have my priorities right!) Tidied the littlest girl's bedroom only to have her trash it an hour later. Why are they so annoying sometimes?! Even the sheets were off the bed. Really, I don't know why I bother sometimes.

Now about the curtain update. Sorry for the delay in news, my mother keeps nagging me about it, but really there isn't any news yet. Didn't really like anything the curtain lady had to show us. She is returning on Monday morning with more samples now that she had seen the room. I'm thinking a little bit glam is me. Neutral but stylish. I did however find some fabulous fabric for cushions. Very exciting!

Some of you have been wondering where I find so much time to do all I do. That's so funny and I do enjoy teasing some of you into thinking we have extended days over here being the first in the world to see the sun, and being hours ahead of most of you. But really I do spend hours sometimes sewing. My girls don't mind a bit (mostly) and love helping me as well. They also help each other so I can continue as they do like to see me progress, especially if it's something I'm making for them.

Also I don't often make mistakes and my sewing is pretty straight so I generally don't take very long to make something. Take that nightie up at the top, I made it before breakfast yesterday.

A big piece of news for you next time! Stay tuned. And no I'm not preggers!!!


Heleen said...

What a great papa! I love the idea to take as much different transport as possible! Hoera for papa!!

the cookie cutter said...

Before breakfast! Honestly Sarah, what time do you rise? Very cute nighty! I have a little dress that I started for Alex in that style in November.... I am certainly not a before breakfast type. Glad you are cos you inspire me!! xxx

Lululiz said...

Ok, ok, just rub it in, you are a superstar, sigh. Making nighties before breakfast! I mean, honestly, at least you could deceive us into thinking that you are almost like us mere mortal, ya know, and NOT mention things like that so gleefully.

Lucky girls, it sounds like they had an absolutely fantastic day! Papa is pretty darned wonderful to do all that for them.

Anonymous said...

A nightie before breakfast!!!!!!!!Now I'm feling even more useless (my 4 year old does call me Hopeless Helen on occasion). All I can say is well done you - Superwoman! xx

Serenata said...

What a wonderful time your girls had with Papa - sounds like a very busy day though, I was exhausted after reading about it!

Before breakfast superwoman? said...

What beatiful fabric for the nightie! Love the picture of those horses too. suzie. xxx

Croap Queen said...

Sounds like they had a great time with Papa, and good for him thinking of ways to spend the time in interesting ways with them.

As for making a nightie before breakfast....what a cheek, putting the rest of us to shame! The only thing I can make before breakfast are a lot of new bad words at having to get up early. :-D I still think you have a special time warp mode so you can fit more in than us mere mortals.
Very nice nightie though
Jo x

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

What a lovely idea, and a great adventure in your place for the girls. I love the idea of these family traditions.
All I can manage before breakfast is a cuppa!
You are so focused Sarah!

Sarah said...

Papa thanks you all for your kind words. And really I am not superwoman, but thank you anyway Lorraine! I don't often make such good use of that time before breakfast, but if I'm in the mood, all else waits I'm afraid. The girls are very self sufficient from having to be.