Thursday, 14 January 2010

She's Phoned!!!

I told you the curtain lady was good didn't I?!! She was in the office answering her messages today even though she's still on holiday. You have to love the dedication to her work. So now I have been booked in for Tuesday afternoon. And yes I am a little bit excited. The lady is very thorough and took down paint colour, kitchen colours and the likes and is now assembling a wonderful array of samples to tempt us with. It seems a neutral is the way to go and definitely not a taffeta with the girls still draping themselves in the drapes.

What do you think about my inspirational board? Well it's actually just an organised pile of pictures laid out on the ground, but you get the idea, I'm quite sure of it you clever little things.

Apparently the big camera takes a wider shot of the family room, so here's a better scene shot for your pleasure compliments of hubby.

See that pillar? It houses our fridge, well when it's not in the middle of the kitchen. I came up with a lovely idea to make a feature of it with a fab little wallpaper, but it was shot down immediately and popped in the 'never to venture to again' compartment.

It's a really lovely still summery day out there today. The first coat of paint is currently drying on the skirting boards. Luckily we have all those windows to peek at it.

The garden could do with a good watering, which I really must do in a min.

The colours in the garden are just vibrant with all my favs out. Yellows, oranges and reds.

And the corn has been a huge success with several cobs eaten already. So buttery and tasty! Definitely a winner in the garden.

Now as I've been hunting through my old mags for ideas, I've come across some lovely things to make. I'm thinking, if any of you are interested, that I may just give you a special once a week peek at some lovely ideas for you to make, or just admire. Here's the first installment:

As many of you are experiencing winter currently, I thought this knitty gritty page would be most suitable. I love the knitted hot water bottle cover and the cushion covers. All could be made with a recycled jumper or blanket. And isn't the little teddy just the cutest?
I'll leave you know with a little inspiration perhaps and get on with that watering of the garden.


Anonymous said...

Your inspiration board is inspirational! It gives a very clear idea of the kind of thing that you're looking to achieve. Please let us see the finished results? x

Lululiz said...

I love the leather sofas in the photos, I would always go for plain, and accessories with big and bold cushions. So that choice I approve of wholeheartedly, lol!
Walls, again my choice would be plain, because its so easy to make them look fab with large pictures, posters etc. Thats goes for the big pillar as well, rather than woopidoo wallpaper. Again, if you put some snazzy cheap and cheerful posters on there, it has a similar effect and is so much easier to change according to season, or just wanting something new to look at. You got some huge windows there as well as some smaller ones, so going for a huge big bold pattern for the curtains everywhere might a bit too much. I would probably go for plain light colour curtains ( dare I say beige/sand/stone, tehehehehe )on the large picture windows, perhaps trimmed either at the side or bottom with a patterned fabric, which I would use on the small windows ( and cushions ). Oh dear, sorry about the waffling. We have just made an offer on a flat for our No. 1 son and I am thinking decorating as well, lolol!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Sarah
Thanks for your comment - I love that your Mum is inspired to make the soup recipe! Summer or Winter it's still a good soup - let me know what she thinks!
And as for your family room - oh I adore all that space and openness - and really wish we had homes like that in the UK. I dream of open plan living....
Happy weekend to you
D xx

bekimarie said...

Your curtain lady sounds fantastic, I can feel your excitement.
Great inspiration board, I really must go through my magazines and start chopping.
Hope those plants have been watered, they're looking a little tired ;)

Take care
Beki xxx