Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Big Thank You!

With the rush just before Christmas, (aren't we all glad that's over for another year!!) I didn't get a chance to post my just in time for Christmas presents that arrived from some very lovely bloggers.

This amazing parcel arrived from Selina. I became her 100th Follower and was promised a gift as a thank you. Really I wasn't expecting anything like what arrived!

Just look at all these sewing bits and bobs. Love the ric rac of course, and the fabric squares, and just look at the little stocking!

These must be the tiniest little bells I've ever seen. They are only a few mm's big and they have a rusted look. I can't wait to use them on something Christmassy. They are beautiful.

And of course a few vintage buttons are always welcome at my home. Love them so much more than new ones. Just look at the depth of colour. Thank you so much Selina!

Oh I nearly forgot, she made me this little needle case too. This will keep one of my daughter's needles out of the carpet and safely in her sewing kit now.

And my lovely commenter friend Priyanca sent me this lovely little braid for Christmas. She saw it and immediately thought of me. What a sweetie she is. I can just see is on a pretty little girls dress.

And a while ago I won a wonderful prize from Juanita. It was a mystery what I was being sent which made the wait very exciting. And just look at all the pretty goodies that arrived! WOW!!

Of course all handmade by her own fabulously creative hands too. I love the box she has printed with her own label on it. But this little cupcake keyring is my absolute favourite piece. Look at how tiny it is and it's crocheted I think too. I'm a bit worried about using it as I'd hate for it to get damaged. So for now I'm just admiring it on my bedside table.

How elegant does my hand look with the bracelet on? It really suits the gold in my ring. I think feeling a little glam today. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness Juanita!
I don't normally post on a Saturday, but hey, in the holiday's every day is a Saturday isn't it?!! I love January so much. It really is my favourite time of the year. So relaxing and homely.
Fish and Chips were had last night at the beach. It was a bit windy so ended up having the dessert at the Grandparents house much to the disgust of the girls. And today it's meant to be really wet but the sun sure looks pretty and yellow to me. I guess I'll get some washing done after all. Any of you snowy people need any help with the drying of clothes? I'd love to be of some help. Plenty of space left on the clothes line if you need a bit of sun.


bekimarie said...

What lovely goodies, lucky you.
Can't believe you mentioned the C word though, you could wait a few months 'hehe'

Take care
Beki xxx

Sarah said...

Oh my apologies! Thought it would all be Ok by now. I only find it a scary word from October.

Joan said...

I can't believe how tiny and perfect that cupcake is! We had snow in Georgia a week ago but today was bright and sunny with temperatures more like normal... mid 50s F or about 14 C.

Selina said...

Wow! Such gorgeous goodies! You lucky thing! So glad you liked everything I sent you, thanks for following!

Selina xx

Anonymous said...

Hi - what lovely goodies! I am still trying to get the hand of blogging, and amazed by how kind, clever and thoughtful our crafty acquaintances are.xx

sweet emmelie said...

wow, you lucky thing you. sorry your wee parcel as promised will be coming soon.

take care

Pomona said...

What lovely presents - you lucky thing! And I am sitting here amongst the damp washing trying to remember what the sun looks like - I couldn't certainly do with some of your washing line space!

Pomona x

Lululiz said...

Aww, you received some very lovely gifts there. That dinky little cupcake is just delightful.

juanitatortilla said...

Sarah! Your pictures make my little hand-made oddities look really good! Thank you so much for blogging about my humble goodies. You have been receiving plenty of great gifts from your internet friends. (At least it's good to know they are not imaginary people, heh.)

Michela said...

Great bits from the lovely Juanita!
You looks divine!