Friday, 15 January 2010

A Tiki Tour of the Capital

Look at the pretty snow! This photo was taken just before Waiouru, in the North Island, on our way to Wellington. There are three mountains, this one being Ruapehu. They are set in a desert area which is terribly confusing for children to understand. Honestly the questions just go around and around.

Our capital city, Wellington, is home to The Beehive. This is our MP's hang out. Daughter No.1 is very interested in anything factual and insisted that we do the touristy tour of the place. Good grief! Sometimes she's so serious and the black sheep of our family! But very much like her Papa.
And this is the original building before the Beehive was built. It's now mainly the Government Library or some such. I mean I was sort of listening to the tour guide, but it all reminded me of my school visit many years prior. And she was one of those bossy kinds who pretends she not with excuses.

Now what do you make of this sculpture? It sure looks like a banana to us. There were two others that resembled a carrot and a weird shape that wasn't really anything. A bit difficult to climb on being so high, but fun to hide behind and do rolly pollys down the gentle slopes. This was great fun for the little girls and lots of laughs were had.

Section Two: The Makeover Continues...
The blue tape is one of my jobs for a couple of reasons. First because I actually enjoy applying it, second as hubby thinks it's a really annoying task, and thirdly because he's much lighter with the criticism of my work than his own. It's a win win situation.
Now the bad part of this marvelous taping job, is that the paint on the scotias came off with the tape!!! So we now have a new line of paint under the scotias. It really doesn't pay to do a half job in the end. You end up having to do extra work somewhere along the way.

Not wanting to bore you completely with our home improvements, here we have a few garden shots to liven things up a bit.

The blue tape add a colourful touch, don't you agree? You must remember the man is a perfectionist. No furry edges will be tolerated!

And a little bit of the tropics in our garden. It's a great shame this particular Hibiscus is planted where it is, because you wouldn't know we had it. A real beauty all the same.

And here we have colour people! The funny thing about this particular coloured paint, is that the edges always look darker than the whole wall when finished. I think the light must bounce around and lighten it or something. It's a bit of a mystery really. Still I'm liking what I'm seeing very much.

I think we might have a bit of rolling paint going on the walls later today. Dear hubby is anxious to get the kitchen back together so will endeavour to finished this room first. Not sure if he's missing my fabulous cooking or just finding the lack of cups of tea too much to handle.

Right ho, off I go to cut out a few more magazine pictures for the file. It's fish and chips at the beach tonight with the grandparents. Another fabulous day, and one to enjoy.
Hope the snow is beginning to melt for all you English/European lasses. I know it's fun in the beginning but as with everything, enough is enough after a while. Just be careful, as you don't want to end up like Floss's poor son with your leg in plaster. Poor poor boy! And he was having so much fun too.


VintageVicki said...

You & o/h have been working hard - can't wait to see what it all looks like when finished :)

The white stuff is finally going and its now above freezing for most of the day too :)

Vicki xx

jo said...

Love your photographs, it's nice to see around New Zealand. It looks such a wondeful place, perhaps one day we may visit.

At last it's raining here so all that snow can be washed away!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! The colour is lovely. I mentioned my desire to redecorate the lounge last night - I don't remenber actually receiving a response. I'm guessing that OH not keen...

Floss said...

That colour is looking good, and your mountains are wonderful. I try so hard on tours like yours, but I still often come away with a puzzling lack of knowledge... I guess I'm better in English than in French, at least.

Son 1 is back at school now and deeply hating the whole crutches/heavy plaster/blisters on hands experience. I do hope that everyone else takes your advice and stays safe!

Serenata said...

Gosh its funny the things you remember when you see photos. I've been in the Beehive and also had dinner with the then Prime Minister (well sat at his table) Robert Muldoon. What sticks in my mind is his eating of a pear sandwich after dinner!

Looks like you are making steady progress on the living room. said...

Lovely tour! Loved the photos! suzie xxx

Lululiz said...

It wouldn't be some sort of beigey/stoney colour on the wall now, would it?

That is one heck of a majestic looking mountain. what glorious scenery.

bekimarie said...

Nothing is ever straight forward is it? I'm sure the extra work will be worth it in the end though.
Lovely tour and I hope you enjoyed your fish and chips.

Have a great weekend

Take care
Beki xxx