Monday, 11 January 2010

A Quick And Dirty

That's what my hubby is calling this littlish impromptu renovation. It all began when we were away and we stayed in a nicely renovated house, visited several other lovely homes and then came home to our very plain pack house. Mmmm, not nice to have a house that looks like we are still flatting and actually even looks like we've been burgled when it's really tidy! (Luckily that's not too often!)

So two nights ago I suggested we just paint our family room as it's the most used room and that might make us feel a bit better. And way cheaper than moving too which was another bad option.

And the next morning here we were, moving all the furniture out to the other empty lounge. Gosh it's handy we didn't have any furniture in the other room isn't it?!! Down came the horrendous curtains that I absolutely can't stand along with the few nets we had left. The others fell apart! Now bare in mind this is not something we usually do. We usually take forever to do anything as it's all too time consuming with four children.

Off went the horrid wallpaper and on went the sprayed water to soften the under layer of the paper. That took the whole day but it was a very good job done. My, the difference already!

The room is looking so much lighter and brighter. It seems larger too. Today I've gone around and cleaned all the paintwork and scotias and my arms were aching afterwards. Hubby is still having fun with the plaster. He really hates that job and makes it well known that he's not good at it. I think it's looking rather grand personally.

This photo is No.2's bedroom wall to show you the colour that the walls will be. Oh the kitchen is also having a paint job as it's a continuation of the family room. Not too much wall space in there, but a bit tricky in places.
So now I have to think about curtain colours. We will end up buying a dark brown leather lounge suite for this room so we can actually have two lounges that are usable. What a treat that will be!
Now do I go for neutral coloured curtains (which I know is the sensible option) or something gorgeous and colourful? There are some amazing new curtain fabrics out there these days. I know it's best to do the neutral thing as then I can change the accessories to get a new look. I do love red as you probably know but I wouldn't want red curtains. But I'm thinking red and fuchsia pink accessories? Sound OK or a bit much? We'll be using this room year round and only this lounge in the winter months as the other room gets too cold. Any advice for us? Please don't be shy we need all the help we can get!


Pomona said...

Go for colour! You will be looking at it so much you want something really jolly - and why not red curtains - Ian Mankin do red tickings and checks which would look quite fantastic, and are classic enough to last for years without looking dated.

My advice would be to get lots of swatches and do a board - you have to live with curtains for a long time, so it is important to get it right.

Pomona x

Serenata said...

Way to go - I was going to say I hope you do before and after photos!

As to curtains - I'm not very good at those only ever had very cheap on special ready made. We ended up going for vertical blinds in our patio/ranchslider door in our lounge and a pretty little curtain I picked up from a CS in the other window. You've got lots! Ah the light that NZ houses let in - wonderful. Perhaps go for neutral and then you can change the acccessories.

Gosh look what getting up early does to me - makes me go all wordy.

Floss said...

How exciting for you all! No wonder you don't have much time for blogging!

We keep our walls and furnitrue plain and then I can go mad (as you know I do) with the small details, changing colour schemes whenever I want to. The big difference is that I don't have curtains, we have wooden shutters instead. So I can see why curtains are your biggest worry. Make them too colourful and they will dictate the colourscheme for the rest of the room. Can you have quite neutral curtains, or even blinds, but have some easily-changed drapes or hangings which go up over the main window coverings?

Can't wait to see what other people suggest!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Hi Sarah...well since you asked!
I love re-decorating! Trust me, I do a LOT in my head (lol)!

Anyway, I did notice that your garden is lovely, and your windows are interesting, quite architectural and really lead your eye outside - they are quite a feature.
Perhaps what I would do is pick a curtain fabric that blends with the wall colour, so something very light and plain. (not plain Jane, you know what I mean?!)
What you will achieve by doing this is create an extension of the wall colour, and draw the eye outside, and into the garden.
The other bonus is that you room will appear much bigger.

You can always add colour, pattern and interest with your accessories, and furniture, which is much more economical to change on a whim than drapes.

I think your windows and glass doors are so appealing, it seems a pity to cover them up somehow!

If you pick a coloured / patterned fabric for your curtains, they themselves will be the feature, which is fine if that is the effect you desire. But it seems a shame to cover up those gorgeous windows!!

Trudi said...

Get the best curtains you can afford, so they will hold out the winter cold. Go with your heart that say bold, new fabrics that will take the red and fuschia accesories. If you're going to to it, then 'go for it!' Thats my hmble opinion anyway! :) Good luck, Can't wait to see where you go with it. :)

Joan said...

I'm glad you're back safely from your trip. I spent weeks (months) removing wallpaper from my in-laws' house after they moved into assisted living. It wasn't fun.

If you like red and fuchsia, go for it! I think it would look great with the dark brown leather, and I'd even add some lime green accessories. If you make the curtains it would be easy enough to change them in a few years.

sallgood said...

I like to think of how color works in nature- how green goes with everything! So how do you feel about green for curtains? It would add some color, but could still work with other colors too...
I'm picturing your brown couch with your bright red/pink/fuchsia pillows, and a touch of green thrown in (like leaves with flowers.) If you want a switch, make some blue/brown/green covers for your bright pillows, (or cinnamon, brick, and green) and you've got a whole new look. (And for Christmas, switch your pillows for some with red gingham along with the green!) You know I love kid's art, so have the girls make artwork that you can switch out to coordinate with the season and your mood! So pillow covers, kid's art and green!! (A happy yellow-based green...)

bekimarie said...

That is one very large room to decorate.
I'd say go for red curtains, would look lovely with the neutral wall and then lots of accessories in red and pink will finish it off nicely, maybe a bit of green thrown in.
Can't wait to see the end result, i'm quite jealous as we're renting and aren't allowed top decorate :(

Take care
Beki xxx

RebeccaMom said...

it's a tough process, but it will be worth it in the end :) hope you ♥ it when you are done!

Croap Queen said...

Ooh, exciting stuff. Personally I'd go for the neutral stuff and dress it up with accessories. That way if you get fed up with them you can just change the bits and pieces and not the whole room again (ask me how I know). Jo x