Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sticky Tape and Paint

Isn't this a really fancy picture? Daughter No.2 is very handy with a camera and discovered (which left me completely gobsmacked!) these neat frames to use as a border around your photos. How amazing is she??? She also displayed the brushes and shot the photo.

Here she is eating a juicy watermelon she and Nana bought yesterday. She had a sleepover at her Grandparents last night and No.1 had one two nights prior. Today the little ones have left us for their night of fun. Well No.4 kind of invited herself! She was so upset that she wasn't having a turn yet that we all felt so very sorry for her. Sometimes she gets so emotional about little things that must be so important to her.

Now, day three of the makeover is going splendidly well. Today we have primed the walls...

Plastic wrapping the paint tray means less mess to clean up after the job. It's a tricky wee job that can tie you in knots at times.

We have just spent a good deal of time taping down the edges of the carpet, so when painting the skirting boards, we don't get paint on the carpet edges and everywhere else too. Not a good look!

This plastic sheeting is most fun to work with. You unroll it, stick the tape down, then pull out the plastic sheeting. And now most of the greenish carpet is hidden under a sea of plastic.

Now dearest hubby is on his own painting those skirting boards without an army of helpers knocking over tins of paint or putting fluff on the newly painted boards.
Tomorrow I'll have the special job of going around all the window and door edges with pretty green tape. Oh the fun I'll have!

Now we have some bad news on the curtain front I'm afraid. The jolly curtain lady is on holiday can you believe it?!! Really and truly. I'm hoping she'll be back on Monday to cater to our needs. I could go elsewhere but I'd rather wait, as she really is the best.
Here's a photo of my newly placed sewing arrangement. I now have a lovely drawing to view, the front door just to my left a little, and the best lighting out. I think I may just stay here.

I'm loving our new lounge in the other room. I even vacuumed it yesterday and it was fun! I think I'm getting a little bit house proud. I can't wait to have a toss out in the kitchen after all this. Painted walls need a clean kitchen to go with it after all!
Right the girls are driving me batty hanging over me. Off to sort something out for them to keep busy with. Hope you are having a good day!


Floss said...

How I'd forgotten the agony of covering the carpet! With tiles we get a bit lazy - we do cover the floors but any drips will come off with white spirit and a bit of scraping, so it's not too important to get everything covered.

It's just going to look fantastic! I do hope your curtain lady comes back soon.

Lace hearts said...

It's a long time since I've done full on decorating like this.
I must say how lovely it is to visit a blog with no hint of snow! We are drowning in a new snowfall this morning, and it's dragging on and on and on.
I love your daughter's photo. My kids shame me with what they can do on the computer! x

Lululiz said...

Oh Madam Master Taper, what a jolly good job you have made of it!

But boo and huff puff to the curtain lady, how very dare she go on holiday when you need her??? Dang and blast, now I have to wait ages, AGES, before I get to see your choice of curtains. Humph.

Bev C said...

Hello Sarah, have fun with the decorating,I am sure the end result will be lovely.Happy painting.

the cookie cutter said...

I am enjoying seeing the progress! We have just been away for a month and now all I want to do is change furniture around and spring clean. Kids were back to school today and hubby is off to Canada next week for 2 weeks, so I may just get the time! Looking forward to seeing the finished pics, have fun! Nadine x

Anonymous said...

Your house is going to look so nice!We should do some painting over here , too... well , sometime in the future...