Monday, 17 August 2009

A Quilt Top Completed And Another One Started

Well I got stuck in over the weekend and finally stitched all the borders strips into place on No. 2's quilt. It took quite a while to put together as I had laid it out at the other end of the room. It doubled as a keep-fit class too.

Oh gosh, what a rubbish photo of it! You can hardly see the edges at all. It's kind of wet outside so had to make to with a shady spot indoors. Never mind I know it's done and I'll take a better photo when it's quilted.

Actually dear husband is starting to ask questions about when this activity might take place. He commented yesterday, that I keep making these tops but never get to the quilting stage. Well that's because I don't have the backing fabric yet! Goodness me, I can't shop and sew at the same time now can I?

They are so addictive too! But better to have an addiction of fabric and quilting than some of the really unhealthy ones isn't it?

Now the Layer Cake was getting rather jumpy on the bench, so I thought I'd better get stuck in and start designing the next quilt. Oh I do love these fabrics! I had a play with them last night and listened to advice and suggestions from the dear husband. This was my first idea...

and the second is actually one of my all time favs even though it is so simple. I think I want to do something new and a bit more of a challenge at this stage though. I also think I might start collecting some favourite fabrics to make myself one in the future. It is perfect for fabrics that are beautiful on their own.
Oh I can just see it stippled already!

And a variation on this one, but with a white square in the middle. Quite like this effect too, but not good use of the fabric squares as they would have to be cut into strips.

So... moving right along. We decided to go with the triangles. As the squares weren't perfectly square (talk about a right bummer that was!!!) I had to trim a few mm's off each one and then cut them into four triangles. Didn't take too long, but after packing up for bed, I discovered five more under some fabric on the floor!!! I cut those this morning.

Well, let the fun begin! After joining a few triangles I decided that really, I should spend some time planning how they should go. So I lined them all up in their pattern groups and colour groups too. That was time consuming as I had got them all muddled up. Typical of me really!
In between visiting Gran for an hour and sorting lunch out, I managed to lay them all out on the floor in a pretty respectable fashion. This really is my favourite part I think. It's a bit like doing a puzzle. Actually I'm finding quilt making very mathematical as well. Quite good for the brain which is always good when you are full-time mum. Brain seems to seize up after a while!

Oh yeeeesss! I do think I love this one!!! The soft colours are heavenly and so restful. This is one that I will enjoy snuggling up to on the couch next winter. It's not going to big enough for all of us, so I'd better get quilting like mad.
I plan to make some to sell as well. Have to earn a bit of money to pay for the fabrics somehow. Damn it! I'm really not sure if there is much of a market for quilts over in NZ. They would be too expensive to sell overseas with postage costs. I suppose I can but try.

I guess if you are looking for me, I will be at the sewing machine for the rest of the afternoon. I will be seeing triangles everywhere now!
I can see a few that I need to fiddle with. Oh, there is going to be a border one triangle out from the edge. So it will be large square, border, strip of triangles, then another border and binding. Should make it a bit bigger too.

Right, toodle pip, I'm off!


Dana said...

Your quilts are beautiful!!

DivertiCreando said...

hi... 1th quilt is wonderful!

Michela said...

Hope one day you could really sell your fantastic quilts! It doesn't matter about postage costs, handmade stuff is priceless!

Floss said...

Wow, Sarah, I hope you find a break in your quilting to play with some baking soda! Both quilts are fantastic. You may be able to find or create a market for your quilts in NZ through blogging - I am sure that we are all influencing each other and developing our taste through what we see as we blog...


no. 2 will love that cute quilt! Nice job! and triangles are always so fun. looks really great!

Felicity said...

your quilts are beautiful and you sew them so fast, i would still be at the cutting stage!! fliss xx

The Rose Room said...

They are divine, I can't believe the speed in which you turn them out! Rachael