Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Day Two Of The Makeover

Firstly today, I must apologise for my lack of New Year's greeting to you all yesterday. Really, I do get caught up in the excitement of a new project sometimes. So sorry, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

We spent one week away in Wellington, our capital city where we both lived for many years before moving up to Auckland. Our two big girls were also born there. It was a very windy week, something we had forgotten being away for so long now. 130 kmph winds one night and we were perched way up on a hillside as well. Not nice I can assure you. Otherwise we had a wonderful time catching up with family and a couple of friends too.

So today I have done more cleaning, some secret quilting for a birthday girl in a couple of weeks time, and some magazine flicking for inspiration. Gosh isn't it easy to get distracted when looking through old magazines?! I'm planning on making an inspiration board as suggested by one very helpful commenter.

Here are a few photos of our view out the garden window, as I like to refer it as. It really looks so green and fresh without the curtains blocking out the sides. Now I must say a big thank you for your very helpful comments yesterday. Of course it's still very confusing as there were mixed opinions. I think I'll get our marvelous curtain lady to pop in next week and bring armloads of everything. She's always very up to date with fashion and knows just what I like.
At our last house, which was brand new, I was given the marvellous task of choosing a house lot of new blinds and curtains. I have never had so much fun in my life, I can tell you! I didn't regret one choice I made either, so I'm hopeful that I'll make a wise decision this time around too.

Apparently I should have shown you a pic of the kitchen as well, so here is a glimpse of it. Sorry about the gloominess of it, it's always such a sunny room so it must be my photography skills, or rather lack of them.

Now I can be a bit thick sometimes. OK quite often really. But it did not occur to me, for even a split second, that there would be considerable disruption to the kitchen. I mean I knew there were small walls in the kitchen that were going to be stripped and painted, but it still didn't set the old alarm off in that brain of mine.
So here we are now with dust everywhere and a kitchen with a fridge in the middle of it. Still it's not like I enjoy cooking so I'll make the most of it being out of order.

Here's a photo of my darling manly man with his new Army haircut (Daughter No.1 can be blamed for this!) standing on his little pink chair. He's still having fun with the plaster.
Well now dear folk, I really must up and go, for there is much to be done still. More dust removal and plenty of taping of edges later on today. Hope you are all having fun, especially those of you with snow.


Lululiz said...

Your garden is positively tropical, just look at all that lushious green stuff!

Tehehehe, doesn't that big butch army-haircut man of yours look cute on the dinky pink chair?!?!?

I am almost as excited as you are about choosing your curtains etc. I so want to see what you are going to go for. Hurry up, woman!

Sarah said...

Liz I'm disappointed you didn't suggest beige curtains!! I know you want to!

juanitatortilla said...

That garden window is spectacular. All the fresh air you guys are breathing in from the garden. Must be nice. The snow isn't fun, I can assure you that. I just can't wait for it to be spring.

Anyhow, good luck with the home renovations. Surely you will be wow-ing us with gorgeous home pictures soon!

BTW, I am having a little no-frills swap on my blog. Come drop by and see if it tickles your fancy! http://juanitatortilla.blogspot.com/2010/01/white-elephant-swap.html


Serenata said...

What a lovely garden room! Looking forward to seeing the progress - oh and your curtain selection.

FairlyGirly said...


I have given you a blog award.


bekimarie said...

I am so jealous of your garden window, I think i'd want my own special chair right by the open doors.
Hope we're going to get a daily update on how it's going ;)

Take care
Beki xxx


Ooh! Lots of work but how fun !!! Time for something new!!! Gotta love that!! As for those curtains good luck! I

I don't have any curtains here in the city... So I am no help... Only b has some and I let her pick them out...