Sunday, 17 January 2010

Homemade Haven

I have had so much fun this afternoon. Yesterday I joined a string quilt group (details are in my sidebar) which got me motivated to go through all my pretty fabrics and colour co-ordinate them all. I was quite surprised just how many I had. Funny thing is, I have absolutely no purple! I guess it's because I really don't like the colour.

This afternoon I cut and put together these four blocks. I've decided to do a rainbow look with half a square one colour and the other half a different colour with a narrow white band through the middle. And I'm absolutely loving the look. I can't wait to do more but I am supposed to be working on finishing other unfinished projects. Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day is there?!

Now just take a look at this...

The painting is complete!!! And it looks amazing. So fresh, so clean, so big and rather empty. Now the perfectionist isn't too happy with one small wall where the paint ran out, so he's determined to get another tin to sort it out. Honestly, sometimes that man is too frustrating! It really looks quite fine to me.

The girls rooms are beginning to look like homemade havens. Look what Daughter No.1 made for one of her sisters for Christmas, it's the doll on the left.

And in the littlest sister's room is a creation by No.2, a cute little jelly man. The older three girls made each sister a present for Christmas, their idea, and all were made with lots of love thrown in.

This mini quilt was my first practice piece in free hand quilting. I finally bound it in time for the big day. I love the simplicity of the squares. It would be my favourite style of quilt out of all of them I think. One day I will make a large quilt, with bigger squares, for someones bed.

I can't believe it's 5.45pm and I haven't even thought about tea yet! Guess it will be spag or beans on toast. Mmm or maybe eggs. Got to go or the girls will be complaining! Have a good day/evening.


Heleen said...

What a lovely post! So many beautiful things to see. Love your new quilt idea... guess I don't have much purple to. Your hous is becoming verry pretty and what a lovely doll your doughter made!

sweet emmelie said...

all looks wonderful, your daughters obviously have picked up your talents!

bekimarie said...

What a lovely post, full of so much gorgeousness.
Love your string blocks, they remind me of a kalidascope and such a lovely selection of fabric. I especially like the orange and blue flowery one and a girl can never have enough red can she?
What a clever daughter you have, she deserves her own post for that doll, i'm very impressed, the jelly man is fab too.

Take care
Beki xxx

claire said...

I love your string blocks...and your are very clever xxx
Cute makes from your girls too x

Pomona said...

What busy bees you all are - the painting looks fantastic and I love your string patchwork! And what clever daughters - they obviously take after you!

Pomona x

Lululiz said...

Hmm, I really don't know why you give your lovely man a hard time about being a perfectionist, when you only have to look at your string quilt blocks to see that you are just as much ( if not more so ) a perfectionist. Humph. Darned impressive.

You have obviously passed on your talent for crafting to your daughters. About time they had their own blog to show off their creations. They are well worth looking at.

the cookie cutter said...

All so lovely! Sounds like a fun challenge, I am considering, but hesitant... I also love squares, simple, but so striking! Your girls are so clever, how old are they? Do you spend a lot of time teaching them sewing etc.? Nadine x

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

The paint job is gorgeous -- but hang on, holy smokes, look at your yard!! It's beautiful!!!

I would LOVE to see more of your landscaping and local vegetation :)

Serenata said...

Oh wow, I love your string quilt - it appeals to my need for some kind of symmetrical pattern and the white stripe achieves that brilliantly. The colours look very good together.

Aren't your girls talented - lovely makes!

The room looks great as well - your busyness has put me to shame the last couple of days.

Joan said...

I love your choice of prints for the quilt blocks. They remind me of 1930s reproduction fabrics.
When it comes to painting, I'm the perfectionist at our house. Can't stand fuzzy or crooked lines!