Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Love At First Sight!

Have you ever fallen in love, at first sight? Oh yes, I have. I met my dear husband that way quite a number of years ago. Actually we met nearly 16 years ago! Gosh I must be getting old!!!

It was across a smokey, crowded bar, after working late again in the sweat shop. There he was, talking to my flatmate who I was meeting up with before going home. Oh he looked so sweet in his white cotton jumper and I knew right then that he was the man for me. I actually rang my mother the next day to tell her that I had found my future husband! Hey, she believed me. She got engaged after three weeks or something ridiculous!

Anyway what the heck am I on about? Oh yes, I'm in love with the Brother QC1000. Yeeeessss. Very nice indeed. What do you think? Pretty jolly handy piece of equipment wouldn't you say? Do I need such an extravagant machine? Oh gosh yes!!!!!! Of course, no q's asked.

Are any of you lucky enough to have one of these delightful pieces of machinery? Know of anyone with one? I'd love to know if they are as good as they look. Well I did see it in operation in the shop yesterday but I haven't used one yet. Oh it's soooo smooooth. It sews sideways too if you wish it to. Cuts the threads. It can even write the alphabet!! Clever little fellow.

Look at this optional attachment. Imagine binding in one step!

And this walking foot is just what I need right now for quilting. It comes complete with this one.

And hear this, if you get this other foot attachment, it cuts while you overcast, just like an overlocker!!! Imagine the savings when you actually get two machines for the price of one. Oh my goodness me!

Suddenly my little plain machine looks so clunky and rubbishy. Isn't that awful? Look, you've just got to help me so I can hurry up and buy it. No, I haven't looked at anything else. Of course I will, but I just know in my heart of hearts that this will be the one for me.

All my photos came from the brother website. The hearts were lovingly given to me by my dear, darling husband who is getting a tax refund soon. Yes he is a lovely man and he quite agrees with me that it is a fab little fella. He knows I've already bought it, we just haven't handed over the money... yet!


Polka Dot Daze said...

OMG you lucky thing! It's gorgeous! It's beautiful! I want one too! My machine is a quilters companion, so it came with a walking foot, but that's as good as it gets. I really want one that does letter too. PS moving to new house in four weeks.

Country Nanny said...

Oh Sarah, I love both:
the story of how you fell in love with your hubby and your fabolous sewing machine! Oh it's stunning and with all tha're very lucky!!
Have a nice sewing day!
Lots of love,

Floss said...

What a husband, what a machine!

It really does look fantastic. I posted your prize and your buttons yesterday, having gone through my usual crisis of whether what I was giving you was good enough/nice enough/large enough etc... I hope you like it, anyway!

Lululiz said...

That really is an all singing all dancing machine, and you are really really going to to get one? Wow. WOW. My machine sews straight, and zigzag, and ermmm, a couple of other stitches, and thats it. We are talking BASIC, lol, but really, its all I need. For now. At the moment. Who knows about next year, lol.

kwiltmakr said...

If you like it then good. We have to buy the machine that we will like using. I have a Bernina and love it, best machine I have ever had. Your story about your hubby. Mine is the same. I knew the second I saw him I would marry him. My brother introduced us and here we are almost 40 years later.
Go get the machine, you deserve it!

Kate said...

You lucky think and great story!
Re Shampoo I use about 1 tbsp in half a cup of water and pour it on and massage, but I guess everone might be different and it does take a month before your hair is not super revolting.
Cheers Kate

Katja said...

Hallo Sarah,

You left a comment at my blog asking about the Brother QC-1000
I actually posted a comment yesterday to your last post here answering your question but for some reason it didn’t show. Good thing I saved the text for a review I plan to do on my blog soon!

Well, I bought the QC-1000 only a few weeks ago so I can not tell you anything regarding long-term use. All in all, I’m very happy with the machine. The feed is very good and the menu is absolutely simple to navigate. I have been sewing baby clothes, baby items and purses with it so far and everything turned out very beautiful. The stitches are very nice and versatile, since you can program your own designs.

I tried to quilt a blanket yesterday and I have to say it didn’t turn out that well. But I'm strongly suspecting I did it wrong, as it was my first attempt ever. I also neglected to install the walking feet which is probably the reason that the layers didn’t stay where they where supposed to. I will soon try it again with the walking foot and a few lessons learned ;-).

There are some things that annoy me, though. One of them is that you have to pull the thread out of the machine to refill a bobbin. With my old Pfaff I just pulled the thread that was still in the needle up and refilled the bobbin. It’s just a small thing, and I will probably get used to it.
After sewing 15 years on a Pfaff it may take some time, but I’m optimistic, since those are only details.

I love this machine, even though it is rather expensive. If you are not pressed for time you should consider trying out other Brother machines, too. I do not regret buying the machine and it is such a pleasure to sew with it. But sometimes, when I look at it I can not believe that I spent that much money, if you know what I mean. But that would have been the same if I had bought any other machine in this price segment, I guess.

Anyway, if you are not scared by the high price I can recommend the machine. The feed is superior to every other machine I sewed with and my stuff looks much more professional now. I it also very fast and easy to work with, yesterday I made a huge patchwork blanket (with large squares, but still) in about 4 hours.
There are probably some machines out there that are not so expensive that show a similar good performance, but I knew after a few seams that this was the machine for me.

The only real complaint I have so far is that the thread cutter doesn’t cut off the thread properly. It pulls the upper thread on to the left side of the fabric and lets half an inch hanging. I need to call the mechanic about that but I didn’t get around to do that. It is probably just some small adjustment, since it worked just fine in the shop when I tried the machine out.

Let me know which machine you get! I’ll sure drop by at your blog from now on, since your stuff is very beautiful!

Regards from Bavaria,


Lace hearts said...

Oh no, I had to scroll down a post, didn't I ... I haven't been blogging much lately and have missed so much. And now I WANT ONE TOO. What a fab machine it looks. I have machine envy... if you do get it, I can't wait to hear how things go.
Yep, I knew in the first 5 mins I'd be with my wonderful hubs for life. Love at first sight really does happen, doesn't it.

Lace hearts said...

ps. meant to add... our first meeting was just over 18 years ago, so very similar again! What a great post - really taken me back! Thank you.