Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Prize!

I decided on having a quiet morning today, as Daughter No. 3 started afternoon kindy at a new kindy yesterday. The last attempt at kindy was a huge disaster!! So far she is having fun and she has a lovely little friend that has been going there for quite a while so that certainly helps. I stayed the whole session yesterday with No. 4 as well. The girls had a ball and are very keen to go again this afternoon.

Lets hope I am allowed to leave her there tomorrow. No. 4 will not be impressed though I'm sure!

So today we just played at home quietly and popped out to the supermarket for essentials like apples, bread, milk, bananas and a small treat sneaked in! I am so naughty at the moment. Must be the cold weather this week. Jeepers, I deserve a treat after having to attend kindy standing around in the cold!!

Look at all these lovely little cards sent to me by the Lovely Liz. I joined in a game a while back and was rewarded a prize for giving it a go. It was jolly difficult!!

There are so many cards! I picked out my two favourites to photograph but all I got was a lovely flash shine. I think I need a few lessons on cameras! I just point and shoot. Luckily it is a very good camera, so probably quite forgiving at times.

I wish I had these cards when I was studying fashion design. We had a class called History of Costume which I really enjoyed. These cards are quite old themselves. They were issued with Brooke Bond Tea in England. You could buy a card album from your grocer for 6d. On the back of each card is a description of the outfits and a bit of history about them.

She also sent me these pretty polka dot ribbons. Aren't they nicely presented? I wish I gave that sort of thing more thought sometimes. Apparently it's all about the presentation, well that's what I hear on the cooking programme the big girls adore.

I think Liz has a thing for spots, because she sent me this spotty fabric a while back too. I've used it in a large quilt and now in this dolls quilt too. It's quite lovely.

I guess I should get moving and make sure we are ready for the afternoon. I've had lunch, sort of, an apple and some chocolate!! I bet you can't wait to come home from work A? Yes I promise there will still be some left. I know sometimes you miss out. We'll try and be good! And yes there will be a sandwich in your lunch tomorrow, we bought bread. And fruit.


Lululiz said...

Yay, I am glad the package got to you safely and that you like the little bits. Oh, and I recognise a fabric in the quilt photo as well, roses, pink roses,yummy. I am still drooling over the piece you sent me. I am taking it with me to France in a couple of weeks, it will be perfect for our cottage, even though I still haven't decided what to make with it.

Michela said...

What a lovely gift!
P.S.I saw the quilt you sent Floss, it's just're so careful to details!

Floss said...

Presentation? Your presentation seems pretty good to this recipient of Floss 2! I love those cards, and to be honest I wonder why I didn't ask Liz for them! I have a project on at the moment which would suit one of two of them! But don't worry - I'll get the project finished pretty soon and blog about it.