Saturday, 18 July 2009

Holiday Fun

Well the school holidays are just about over. On one hand, I am grateful for a little time of rest without four children asking for things, or all wanting help at the same time. On the other hand, I am sad that they will be at school all week, as I will miss their company and fun times we have shared over the past two weeks.

My goodness we have been busy these holidays! This is the first real holidays we've had where we have been able to go out for as long as we have wanted without having to worry about someone needing to come home for a sleep. Still it's taken it's toll on me at times. There have been a couple of naps on the couch for a certain Mama! Gosh, I just don't know how they keep going!!

So what have we been up to? Well, my memory is not the best, but I will do my best. We went to the museum, indoor rock climbing, movies, shops, train into the city to have lunch with Daddy, visits to see Nana & Papa and Gran, crafts, had friends to visit, Butterfly Creek, Sky Tower, airport on two occasions, lunches out, DVD watching, playing games, plenty of PJ and slipper wearing, loads of junk food consumed, baking, sewing lessons and probably more too. Can you blame me for being exhausted???

I did, however, manage to catch up with a bit of sewing in the evenings. I love 7.45! That's the time the big girls have their lights turned out. It's piece and quiet from then on - usually. Oh we get the odd drink of water trick at times, or sickness, but usually that's it. Then it's cup of tea time with the husband and on to 'our' time.

I'm still in the sewing mood, so patchwork has been keeping me busy this week. As you may know, I offered to sew a quilt patch for a charity, hosted by Bumble Beans Quilts. It was meant to be a challenging piece, but with my patch working skills I opted for something trickyish, but fairly foolproof. I would hate to cut into the fabric and then stuff it up.

The first patch with the cherry in the centre was my practice piece. I love these 'Recipe for Friendship' fabrics. Such lovely colours aren't they? The pink, white and green patch is the real one, and I have just sent it off today. Considering I only received the fabrics from the States yesterday, I am quite proud of myself. I thought the little girl was rather cute, so decided to centre the block around her. The green and pink fabrics are the same design.

The big girls are at the new Harry Potter Movie at the moment, with their Daddy. They are both really into this series but never seen them at the movies. Very exciting! So I have a little time to myself for a change. The little ones are very happily playing together. So what better way to spend it, than chatting with you! And how are you anyway? Life treating you well I hope? I must catch up with a few messages around blogland too. See you next week anyway, when things are quieter.


Floss said...

Enjoy your well-earned rest! Both of those patchwork pieces are lovely. I can't wat to see the completed quilt.

The new HP was the film we went to see with the boys' uncle and aunt this week - Son 2 was disapointed by the way the story had been messed around, but Son 1 enjoyed it. I wonder what your girls think of it?

Thanks for letting me know you've posted my parcel - I honestly cannot imagine beng disappointed with it - it's only a swap for some BUTTONS, after all, and I think you've probably gone to too much trouble for me anyway! This swap paranoia is the downside of blogging, really. We need to get a grip, Sarah!


aw! I love how you fussy cut the little child! Your quick! Can't wait to put this pixiedust quilt together! thanks sarah!

meg said...

mmmm that bread looks good, I might have to dust off our breadmaker :o)

kwiltmakr said...

Wonderful fabric and terrific blocks. They are darling.

Lululiz said...

Darnit, woman, you are such a perfectionist, just look at how totally neat and precise the patchworking is! The fabrics are very pretty, beautiful colour combinations.

Michela said...

Hi Sarah...lovely fabrics! You have such a good taste!
And what a great holiday! There's nohing better than the warmth of your own family!

Lace hearts said...

Oh my goodness, I'm going to have to get a bit more ambitious with my quilt making. I've fallen in love with that design. I can only do squares!
What a lovely post - my lot are just about to break up. 3 more days!