Thursday, 30 July 2009

Have A Guess

I actually cut into my new fabrics last night!! Oooh it was fun. I thought choosing the fabrics, and paying for it too of course, was the hardest part. Wrong!!! You actually have to put a lot of thought into where each fabric goes. It's all about contrast apparently. I'm not sure if I got it right or not, so any help is appreciated.

Daughter No. 2 said all the right things this morning, so that's a major 'yes' from her. In fact each time I showed her a new flower, it was better than the one before, which was already gorgeous to her. Sometimes she is so easily impressed.

And guess what I'm doing today?

Hmmm, any guesses? Yes it's a purchase type of thing. Aren't they always the best?!!
I'm not telling, I'm going to let you guess! No, no, no you can't beg for the answer.
Bribe? Yes sure! What you got???
Well I guess I'll see you all tomorrow then. Sorry!!! I'll have pictures I promise.


Floss said...

I think those flowers are fantastic! You really, really don't need to send me any cards - I felt bad mentioning it, because I thought you might offer. There are two reasons why I'm saying thanks but no, and the first is that I want to get the project finished this week, and can't be bothered to wait for the post! The second is just that you've been so generous already. So just hang on to your cards and if you like my project maybe you could use them to do something similar yourself!

Son 2 and I have had a bit of a crazy time tonight doing a 'thank you' for you which should go on my blog some time tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

Love them. You definitely got the contrast right! Hmmm...a new sewing machine?

Polka Dot Daze said...

They look stunning Sarah! Where did you buy the fabric from?

meg said...

I was going to guess a new machine too :o)

sweet emmelie said...

those flowers are ever so cute and how gorgeous, the admiration from your daughter, nothing like that sort of encouragement to spur you on.

Where did you do fashion design, I did the course in wgtn back in 1995 to 1998?

I was thinking maybe a quilting foot(walking foot or 1/4 inch) but a new machine... well that would be nice.

Lululiz said...

You are such a tease! I bet you have finally gone and done it, bought a superduper all singing all dancing sewing machine, have you? Fess up!

The flowers are great, the fabrics work so well together, no wonder your daughter is so impressed. I am, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah ! I love all of them !!It's going to be a really gorgeous quilt!

(I don't like guessing...I have patience and will wait until tomorrow...)
lots of love :Manka

Anonymous said...

I've got a surpise for you ! Come and have a look at it!

Mary Poppins said...

WOW, they are beautiful, though I can't guess what they could be ;~)

Gorgeous, gorgeous fabric


deb said...

I love your blog! And the name. I love gingham too. Thanks for coming to visit mine. xo