Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Spring Is In The Air!

Look what is out in the garden! This says to me that spring is on it's way. Yay!!! We have had our three months of winter, as it started a month earlier this year. Oh it all looks so promising.

See the leaf buds all over the flowering cherry tree? There are bulbs flowering too, except it was too windy to try and photograph them, they kept blurring. Maybe tomorrow they will let me take their pickie. I didn't notice that dark cloud while I was out there! It's been such a beautiful morning. We had two other families over for the morning and all the kids were playing out there.

Now look what arrived in the mail box for me yesterday...

a beautiful card with lots of writing in it, which is always a treat, and I'm feeling bad that I only enclosed a quick note in Floss's parcel. Sorry Floss! And look at the pretty cross stitch flower that she bought at one of her fairs she frequents. I will sew it on something soon.

Now these two cards are both really old. The Pompeta one has a calendar on the back from 1932. Imagine having something so fragile around for so many years. My birthday would have been on a Tuesday, or Mardi, as it is in French. How delightful! I wonder what sort of a party it would have been?

Oh and see all those precious buttons? Lots of mother of pearl ones that Floss knew I wanted, and some other ones she has picked up along the way. I love old buttons but hardly have any, so I am very pleased with the arrival of these.

So thank you very much for those little treasures Floss. I do love them!

And an addition to the silver ware this week too. It really is a time of presents it would seem. Gran gave me this silver chalice - I guess you might call it that? The one at the back anyway. Isn't it lovely? She and Grandad were given it for their wedding 60 something years ago.

You know I'm always drawn to the silver at op shops. I just love it and always borrow my mother's silver at Christmas to decorate the table with. I think I will start buying up a bit, as it is so cheap, at only a couple of dollars a piece. Seems wrong for it to be so cheap. I've been looking at one particular vase for ages now, but it's about $15, but I do love something about it. Maybe I should buy it.

Look at this heavenly box full of Clarinet! It just arrived this morning just as the girls were leaving for school. We just had to open it quickly and take a quick peek. There is something rather amazing about owning an instrument. They look so flash. So who is the proud owner of it you are wondering? Well me of course!!! Yes I'm quite musically minded and play several instruments.

Alright Liz, calm down I'm only joking!!! Oh I did enjoy teasing you. You seem to think I can do everything but you are soooo wrong! I am absolutely useless at music. Can't even sing.

No this clarinet belongs to Daughter No. 1. Not sure where she got the gift of music from, but she is a natural. She learnt the recorder last year at school, and she practiced all the time without being asked to, she loved it so much. Her first clarinet lesson is on Monday and she can't wait.

We will have to learn how to put it together this afternoon. Luckily the nice man put a beginners book in with it with instructions on what to do. I'm sure we will all have a bit of fun trying to make a sound later on.


Country Nanny said...

Hi Sarah, while I was reading your post I thought how funny is our world. You're waiting for spring to come while here are melting because it's a very hot spring!
What a beautiful clarinet! Your life is goint to be full of music from now on.
Have a nice day!

Michela said...

Lucky girl! It's always nice to receive something you didn't expect, isn't it?
I agree with is so strange to know that spring is on its way there..
About the angels, I've just a little glass crib...if possible I avoid to have glass around me while dusting...
Have a lovely day (can't wait to see your bulbs!)

Floss said...

I'm so glad that it's arrived and that you're happy with everything! I can't wait to see what you do with the various bits and bobs.

My boys and Ben all play the piano. The rest of our neighbourhood has got used to us (I hope!) because the doors and windows are open most of the year... I think thank having a clarinettist in the family is going to be great! Congrats to your daughter.

Lululiz said...

Roflmao, Sarah, you just managed to stop me in time, I was about to launch into another frustrated moan about your multitalenticity when you owned up about teasing me. You naughty naughty girl, you really had me going! Just debating now whether I ought to take you off my Xmas list, hmmm.

I think its wonderful that your daughter is learning to play the clarinet, to have a musician in the family is so precious. My youngest son plays piano and guitar, and I love it.

Stephanie said...

Buttons, beautiful buttons! I love them all, especially vintage. Just received some of my mother's. A real treasure.