Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Glass Angels

Look what little treasures our girls were gifted yesterday! Aren't they just the sweetest? They are Venetian glass angels for the Christmas tree. My Aunt and Uncle have just come back from the UK and also enjoyed a few days in Venice. Lucky, lucky them! I have always wanted to travel there but never got around to it when I lived in the UK.

Here are two of them up close. The glass colour is actually painted on. It's so nice when you can find four different things that are similar. We generally struggle to find more than three of a kind. One of the struggles of having four children I guess.

I just love coloured glass, so I've been around the house this morning seeing what I can find. The older three were sent a Glass Deco kit each from their Nana in the holidays. They have thoroughly enjoyed painting pictures with the paints as you can see.
I have to be careful what I do in the kitchen at the moment as there is usually a painting drying. It's quite easy to put ones finger into it by mistake, isn't it Daddy??? We had a bit of an accident with the purple too, and now the iron cord is rather pretty, as is the tea towel and bench! Don't you just love how these things just seem to spread everywhere?!! Honestly it was everywhere, on the fingers, the sink, cloths, (but only the new ones of course!) but not on their clothes, because I'm cleverer than that, and I made them strip off first!

Looking at all this pretty glass colour reminded me that I had made a stained glass hanging years ago at an evening class. I had to search high and low for it, but eventually found it kind of bent over some large pictures. Luckily it straightened up. The glass is cracked in two places, but it has travelled an awful lot over the years, so not too surprising.

We had playgroup this morning but it wasn't too busy again. Think there are too many bugs going around. Hope we don't get any, but then, the girls are back at school now so could easily pick one or two up.
I'm going to get out the bucket of hot water and a cloth out to go around and clean all the windows in the bedrooms in a minute. Well that's the plan anyway! These things don't always go to plan do they? Hopefully I won't get any little helpers.
Thanks for all your very lovely comments. I do enjoy reading them, so keep them coming please. Have a great day!!


Lululiz said...

The angels are beautiful!

Hmmm, so now I had to add stained glass making to your many talents as well, the list is growing, and so is my inferiority complext, humph. ( This is where I do a Miss Piggy impression and stalk off in a huff )

Floss said...

I like the idea of Liz as Miss Piggy! Other than that, those angels are great! I have one which is a bit similar, which was given to me as a goodbye present from a child in my Christian lunchtime club - I got lots of 'holy' presents, many of which were totally not 'me', but the angel is great!

Michela said...

Hi! Lovely angels..so familiar! You'd need some more for your Christmas tree... What a great idea the "P evening"! You won't certainly get bored during your holiday!