Friday, 10 July 2009

First Quilt Top Finished!

You know, I don't think I'll be making a crochet blanket any time soon. But I will have a quilted blanket instead! And in my opinion, that is just as good. I do like blankets. Colourful ones in particular. I never thought I would have the patience for patchwork, let alone quilting, but apparently you catch a bug when you start this craft and I guess I've caught it. Yay!!!!!!

I've finished the whole top of my quilt!! This is a reason to celebrate in my eyes, so I am very happy. I think it's a bit long really, but I'm thinking if the four girls want to sit together on the couch, it will be plenty big enough to warm them all. I have used metres of the white cotton fabric and just bought three metres to do the backing. I will use some of the coloured fabrics in a strip to act as a joiner for the two white pieces. It's a bit of a money saver idea but will also pretty the back up too.

The quilt will measure 2.5m x 1.5m when finished. An extra long king single I guess. Plenty to tuck in! Also, in my quilting book it says I need a walking foot to quilt. Is this essential?

Look what Daddy made in the weekend! Isn't it a fabulous fabric cutting table? Oh, I mean train table?!! Gosh, I'm not sure what I was thinking! Also great for puzzles, Sylvanian Families, quilt pinning, whoops there I go again! I meant to say lego building. Silly me.

It's on casters so can slide around the floor with ease. Hope the girls don't get any silly ideas there!

Isn't it funny how quick it is to pull the whole family in, when you start sorting out pretty colours? Look at my colour co-ordinated buttons now. There are a few in the wrong jars, but the two year old thought it looked fun too! So helpful. She's so quick when she wants to be. I've been saving up these pasta sauce jars for a while now. I love the patterned glass. I want to tie a ribbon on each one too, in the correct colours of course. Won't they look nice?

I couldn't help myself yet again! The plates match the button jars perfectly!! I do love colour, and I do love these breakfast bowls.

Oooh guess what? I've joined my first quilting bee or whatever they are called. I have to sew a patch out of fabrics sent to me to be made into a quilt for charity. How exciting is that? It's with Bumble Beans. The fabrics are so pretty in pink, green and white. I just can't decide which idea to go with!

Are you all really busy with the school holidays too? Goodness, I needed a quick nap yesterday afternoon. I'm just not used to all this extra activity. We have managed to fit in so much, but I'm grateful for a day at home today. The big girls are out with Nana and Papa today, having lunch at the Sky Tower. Lucky them, very posh!! Lucky me too, having a well deserved break.

Right, I'm off now. Have yourselves a lovely day.


kwiltmakr said...

Beautiful quilt! Yes a walking foot is very important. Keeps the fabric from bunching. A nice table Daddy built and the jars of buttons will make a colorful display, maybe cover the tops with a bit of fabric and add the ribbon. My husband is busy cutting and bailing hay right now and it is very hot here, very hot.

Lululiz said...

Well and truly bitten by the bug, eh? I know so well what that is like. Whenever I started to piece a top, I had to spent every available minute get it done. For me the most relaxing thing was putting it into a huge hoop and hand quilting it. Very warm and cosy on a winter's evening as well, lol. The quilt top looks really fabulous, you must be so pleased, and you can be very proud of yourself.

The buttons look great in those jars, btw, isn't it fun sorting things like that? I could happily spend hours doing that sort of thing.

Joan said...

I enjoy your blog from the other side of the world, near Atlanta, Georgia, USA. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that I come from a family of four girls. (I'm number two.)
To elaborate on the walking foot, with a quilt, you have three layers: top, batting, and backing. The feed dog on the sewing machine feeds the bottom layer. A walking foot sits on top and operates in tandem with the feed dog to feed the top layer. So yes, a walking foot is essential to machine quilting. I've also found it helpful when machine-hemming stretchy fabrics.

Floss said...

What a beautiful quilt. Having only recently got back into using my sewing machine, all my quilting (ever) has been done by hand. I love doing it but it can be slow going! I may have to get brave and try something simple on the machine.

I'm glad you're all enjoying your holidays. We're off to Edinburgh tomorrow and I've decided to post your little parcel from there. I have taken your advice and kept it very light, but I hope you will like what's inside!

~ Kim ~ said...

I really like those blocks on the quilt. I can't decide how to do my baby quilt. I hope to catch the bug too but I'll prob catch it just when Spring comes into season! Love those button jars. I wish I had enough buttons.

~ Kim ~ said...

Also, I recently bought my walking foot from ebay. It was way cheaper ($48) than getting it from my Janome shop which would have cost me $65.

Michela said...

Hi Sarah!
Your quilted blanket looks very pretty..You and your family are so talented people!
Have a lovely weekend!

TattingChic said...

Your quilt turned out really cute! I guess that's called a 9 patch, right? Love the colorful buttons in the jars! So cute!

Maybe you can sweet talk hubby into making you a cutting table of your very own??

Lace hearts said...

How stunning is that quilt. You must be so pleased with yourself. I'd so love to achieve a quilt one day... I live in hope of finding the patience.

Anonymous said...

The quilt top looks fabulous! I must admit, I was a bit dubious about the colours you had together (probably just a personal thing), but they really do look fantastic together, and especially with the white. It looks crisp and fresh! Just goes to show that you can't always see into the future with quilts. Sometimes they just 'happen'. Congratulations.

Sarah said...

I guarantee I was way more nervous about it! I was about to throw it all in the bin as it looked so awful!! But I kept seeing others who had made them and they did look good when finished. And to throw all that hard work away was a little unthinkable.

The Rose Room said...

Hi Sarah, have just read your entire blog - fabulous and inspirational!!! So nice to see you are in Auckland also!! Take Care - Rachael