Monday, 20 July 2009

A "P" Evening!!!

When the girls and I drew up a list at the beginning of the holidays, we decided to have plan a special dinner where everything had to start with a certain letter. It was decided by one daughter, that 'P' would be the most suitable, as it is the initial of our surname. So 'P' it was.

It wasn't until I told my mother about it, that I realised how bad it sounded!! Oh well, it has been a good laugh talking about our 'P' evening.

Well, we had quite a feast to celebrate the end of the holidays. For dinner we had PIES, gluten free bacon and egg PIE for me, PEAS, POTATOES, PLUM sauce and mini PALONIES for the little girls.

And for PUDDING there were PANCAKES...

PINK PUDDINGS with PINK marshmallows...

homemade PAVLOVA with fruit salad containing PEARS, PEACHES and PINEAPPLE with PASSIONFRUIT sauce drizzled over it...

PEPPERMINT creme biscuits...

and PLENTY left over to be eaten for supper too!

And of course no PARTY would be complete without PRESENTS!!!! I wrote each of our names on to pieces of paper and we each took turns picking one out. I ended up with Daughter No. 2.

We took a trip out to the bargain shop and took turns going in and choosing something with the recipient in mind. Quite difficult really!
Anyway, here is what got opened...

Daughter No. 1 received a paua dolphin ring from No. 2.
No. 2 received pink cheerleader pop poms from me.
No. 3 received fancy bike spoke reflectors from Daddy.
No. 4 got Happy Birthday stickers from No. 3.
Daddy got a BEST FATHER key ring from No. 1.
Mummy was gifted a set of screwdrivers from No.4 (Daddy's idea as I think he is sick of me borrowing his and not returning them!!)

So all in all a fabulous evening. Nice full tummies and something special to remember it by. We might have to do this at the end of each holiday time. I love funny little traditions, we have quite a few now and they do love them. I probably love them the most though!
Now I have just received three messages on my posts from the lovely 'Lace Hearts'. Thank you so much!

I'm having a little bit of a difficult time over the sewing machine thing. Got myself into a right tizzy over it after reading some 'not so good' reviews about Brother machines. A real bummer really as I was so excited about it!! I also checked out the local Bernina stockist, and golly aren't they ugly those machines??? I do see that they are an extremely good brand and everyone seems to rave about them. They are more expensive too which is never good. To get one slightly better than what I showed you, would be another $900, and that's on special!

I think I'll just stay put at the moment and reconsider what I really need. Oh the joys of decision making!


Joan said...

What fun! You could have stayed in your Pajamas all day, too!

Lululiz said...

I'm gutted I wasn't invited to dinner, just look at all those yummy foody things! I love the idea of having an alphabet dinner every now and then. I might have to do that just for the heck of it one of these days.

Re sewing machines, I have always heard good things about Huskies, Husqvarnas, that it, and I like the look of this model in particular -

Husqvarna make all sorts of brilliant things, we have a fridge and a freezer, over 20years old and going strong, and Nick likes Huskies for tree surgery as well ( and Stihl of course, but they don't make sewing machines, lol ).

There, have I made matters worse now by suggesting yet another one??? SOZ

LissyLou said...

What a great idea. I love silly family traditions too x

MelMel said...

oohhh...yummy pictures...I'm new to your blog, making my way round some new ppl, as I've been out off it for a while...x

Lace hearts said...

Aw, thank you for mentioning me!
Probably wise to hold off re the chine. I think choosing a machine must be really hard. I've got such an old one at the moment, and I dread it finally biting the dust, as I won't know what to go for. Hence watching what others go for with interest!
I love your 'P' dinner idea. Will have to give that a go. Hmmm, wonder what letter we'll go for!