Friday, 3 July 2009

Wacky Hair And Hat Day

Our big girls have been very busy the past week working on their hat projects. Each year the school does a Wacky Hair and Hat Day as a charity fundraiser. The girls and I always enjoy making something special for this day. I like them to do most of the work themselves, and of course they really enjoy making their hats.

This year Daughter No. 2 chose a garden theme. The colours are quite splendid aren't they? She made all the pretty flowers herself, some korus, and a snail.

I love the bees she found in her craft box! The pompom centre are a great idea too. As you can tell from the photo above, she was very pleased with herself.

Daughter No. 1 has always loved Antarctica. She plans to be a scientist and visit this icy region one day. We think she would be a great mad scientist!

We found this sea fabric, which is really crushed velvet, at the Emporium last week. This convinced her that Antarctica was the perfect choice for her hat. She also bought some sea creatures at the toy shop while she was sick.

I'm sooo mean. While I was gluing the large iceberg on her hat, while she was wearing it, I pretended that the glue had gone through to her hair. You should have seen her face!! Oh I do love a good laugh. Poor her!
She did enjoy adding the animals to her iceberg. She only wished she had more to do, as her sister's hat took a lot longer to make. See the whale tucked under the iceberg? He's ready to spout his water and frighten the poor penguins.

Well done girls, you did a fabulous job of your hats! I hope they both win a certificate for their efforts.
Last night I went to see Daughter No. 1 sing in the Music Festival. They all sounded very professional and sang great songs. She really is the most energetic singer by far!! She really gets fully involved in anything musical. It's so sweet to watch her and I was very proud of her. It's so lovely to go to children's shows, they always do us proud.

Well, I think I've procrastinated quite enough this morning! I'm supposed to be doing the supermarket shopping and I really don't like to do this horrible job. But I guess I'd better round up the little people and get going. Hope you all have a great weekend! I look forward to seeing what you get up to.

*** A little update on the hats. Both girls received certificates for their hats. YAY!!! The best hats/hair had photos taken at school which made them feel rather special. Daughter No. 2 said she might be in the local paper - that would be very exciting! We will wait and see. Hopefully it won't be a wet week as the paper will be a wet mess. ***


Donnelly said...

How cool! Both hats are fabulous. Would you mind if I used this idea in my classroom? I am teaching summer school. This would be a great break from academics and give the kids a chance to be creative.
Have a great day.

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo my goodness I adore the hats, would look lovely at Ascot :) How creative and inspiring



Anonymous said...

Wow, I LOVE these hats !!! Great job! What a creative idea!
Have a very nice weekend!

Lululiz said...

Ladies Day at Ascot sprang to mind straight away, lol, those hats are great! It is so nice to hear that the school encourages the kids to be arty and creative in such a fun way. You give your girls a big hug from me and tell them I am totally impressed!

PS - they both have beautifully expressive eyes

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, great hats. My mini quilt is about 80cm so is going to be a cot quilt / play mat. My partners step mum does quilts for a childrens hospital. The kids get a quilt each which they get to take home. I will be donating this one, it is good practice and a good way to use up some fabric! Kate xx

kwiltmakr said...

What darling hats. You gotta love the penguins. Very creative.

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

These are INCREDIBLE -- that blue velvet looks exactly like water and the garden hat is gorgeous!!

I would love to use the garden hat idea for my daughter's next birthday -- I'm inspired!!

sally said...

Stunning hats! So clever! Its given us lots of inspiration for our school Easter Bonnets next year!
Sally x

TheDecoDetective said...

The hats are really cool, your girls are clever! The music festival sounds fun, too. Encourage them to keep doing creative stuff like craft and music; I think it's the most important thing we humans can do for our kids - and for ourselves as grownups, for that matter!

Miss Muggins said...

What wonderful inventive creations. Well done girls!