Monday, 27 April 2009

Which Colour Do I Choose?

My goodness, I really was a busy bee this weekend! So much gorgeous colour and some shopping too. It doesn't get much better than that really.

Don't you think my zips are just a ray of colour on that fabulous new fabric? They all go, but only two will be for that particular fabric. The pink one in the middle and the orange one. I needed all of these zips for my weekend of industrial sewing.

A. came home from work Friday evening and announced that a work colleague was interested in purchasing a Tilda make-up bag from me. Well, that set me going for sure! I really couldn't stop and made eight in total! Well a choice is always nice! As I had a small production line going I was able to turn them out faster than if I was making each individually. Of course I had to change colours sometimes.

Ohhh, what colour to choose? They all look so lovely. Blue? No. Green or yellow maybe? No, definitely orange with the orange zip. This joyful floral fabric is my favourite for sure. I think I should go back to the shop for more. Well, why stop at one fabric? I should probably invest in a few more too.

One finished, seven to go!! I love it the very best this one. Think I might have to keep one for myself. I do believe in using one's own product. Good advertising too, of course. Not that I actually fancy making any more for the time being. I think I should think about setting up a stand at market day, when I have a few more items to sell.

Three more done! That's half way now. The hand stitching was the slowest part as it's a bit fiddly at the zip ends. I love lining them up and seeing all that lovely colour!

All finished, finally!!

Well, the girls thought it was about time they joined in too. I had just taken down the Easter decorations and thought the place looked a bit drab and lifeless. So anyway, I suggested we make some everyday decorations out of felt to hang on the twig tree. We searched the drawer for suitable cookie cutters (I have quite a few I must admit!) and made patterns. Nothing too Christmassy of course.

Poor little Daughter no. 3, was feeling a bit left out, so I gave her a few pieces of felt to cut into. She made some interesting patterns of her own!!!

Daughter no. 2 is quite good at hand sewing, she has the patience for it. Nice little stitches lovey. I love your heart! Like the colour combination too.

Daughter no. 1 is a bit more "lets get it finished"! She enjoys sewing but just for a short time, thank you. I think her gingerbread man looks most delicious! Yum, yum!!

The birds are my very favourite though. They both made one and I will probably be in trouble for showing uneven amounts of projects from both girls. Bad mummy! So, I won't say who made this one. You can probably guess though! Don't you just love the feathers? From a $2 type shop from memory.

Well, luckily school went back this morning as I could do with a rest. Unfortunately I needed to go Supermarket shopping, so most of the morning was wiped out. Still, there was time for a cuppa with a friend. Thanks very much M! Have yourselves a great day, and don't overdo yourself!


Anonymous said...

You had a very productive weekend . The make - up bags are gorgeous - my favourite is the first one ,too - I love its colours !!
The girls'decorations for the tree are so sweet , the birdie is just fantastic.
Congratulations for everyone, great job !!
bye !Manka

Hazel said...

Wow, you busy little bee. Those bags are gorgeous and look a glorious sight all lined up. The first is my fav too, closely followed by the blue one with the red zip. I love that pale blue shade with the deep red - a winning combo. You've inspired me on the biscuit cutter and felt idea. I've just bought a bunny and chick cutter for Es' birthday. See you tomorrow! x

Doolallysally said...

What a great idea to keep the twig tree in service and make those gorgeous felt decorations. I think its a lovely way to celebrate Spring and when May Day comes you could add coloured ribbons like streamers or even like a maypole! I read that somewhere : I think it was The Creative Family, y'know by Amanda Soule (aka Soulemama blog). Have you got that book?
Love the make-up bags too, great shape.Have a good week, so glad you won the necklace!
Love Salx

Stacey - Auckland, New Zealand said...

Wow Sarah you are busy! I heard you're even becoming world famous in blogland! Well done you! Much more fun writing stuff when you know someone is actually reading it! Clever, busy - you!

Stacey - Auckland, New Zealand said...

PS I like the red polka dot one (was that predictable) and the red flower one with the white zip - I like them equally I think - can't decided which one is my absolute favourite.

One Flew Over said...

Love those purses!