Thursday, 16 April 2009

Colourful Outing

Aren't these little clips so cute?!!! Red is also my favourite colour. Think I will buy some magnet strips and glue them on to the back of each little guy. I have plans in the pipeline for a magnet board in the kitchen. These will look just fabulous on it.

The girls spent their pocket money on these little treasures to make their school life more colourful. Real bargains they were too at only $2-5 a piece from Smiggle. Daughters 1 and 2 have been begging me for ages to take them for a looksie when they heard it had opened. Such an array of colour that hits you as you arrive at the door.

These pens are such wonderful little things. Mini highlighters, all colours of the rainbow. Our girls already own sets so we bought an arrangement of items for a special friend whose birthday we only remembered in the nick of time. We actually visited Smiggle two times, once just wasn't enough! Colour addicts the lot of us.

Well this is the result of yesterday's craft session. Remember the fabric under the feijoas? Here it is! Where is the orange gingham I here you saying? It's underneath and quite uneventful really, but I know it's there! This is such an easy, quick project and you only need a small amount of fabric and padding. The layers are quilted together with orange embroidery thread in a circular fashion. It kind of ovaled out by the time I got to the centre but you really can't tell. I'm thinking on my bedside table for this dinky little mat, for a nice hot cup of tea come Saturday morning. Looking forward to it.

It's such warm day today and these clouds look quite pretty swirling across the sky. Right I'm off to enjoy my girls and play a board game with them. Have a colourful day!

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