Monday, 20 April 2009

A Spot of Crochet

I had a very enjoyable weekend just gone. We attended a cute little person's party and ate pink cupcakes and sausages amongst other tasty delights. Yummy! Picked up my parents from the airport from their holiday to Australia, and started a couple of craft projects.

Recognise this fabric anyone? Yes, the Christmas table cloth again. I bought most of the roll! Perfect for a crochet bag don't you think? I recently picked up the art of crochet after falling in love with Attic 24, a fabulous blog and well worth a visit. Lucy has great, easy to follow instructions that anyone could follow.

I started a few weeks ago with the purchase of some pretty wool in pinks, green and yellow and made quite a few Granny squares. I struggled a little with the centres so stopped after nine squares. The joining was quite easy, although my intersections leave a lot to be desired! Am thinking a nice crochet flower at each join will sort that little problem out. Of course I will have to learn how to make them first.

These Granny squares are easier for me as there is no wheel in the centre to muck up. They are coming along nicely and are going to be messenger bag when I'm done. Probably a gift for Daughter no. 3. I have to be careful to spread my creations around the girls fairly or there will be a great fuss. I really should go out and buy some wool for myself instead of these girly candy colours. Maybe some red? How unusual!

Well check out this smart paper bag! This was a gift for little old me from my mother - how lucky am I? Only incredibly lovely things come in such bags. So you can imagine how excited I was upon receiving it. I savoured the moment for at least ten minutes before peeking inside. What a treat!! A new embroidery kit in my favourite shade of red. 'I love sewing'!

Well I could wait no longer, the crochet is now on hold until the embroidery is completed. It's coming along very quickly as most of it is done in backstitch with the odd lazy daisy and sprinkling of French knots. It's very beautiful and I am thoroughly enjoying working on it.

Inside the bag, another treat was in store for me! I think I'll leave that surprise for tomorrow. Mean aren't I?

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Hazel said...

Your crochet is amazing! The colours are divine - so fresh! Looking forward to the next 'Stitch' at must set a date! No pressure, honest! x