Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I have finished the embroidery project! I'm thinking it will look nice as a cushion. Maybe with a lovely deep red floral border around it. I still need to wash the transfer ink out of the fabric and give it a good iron. A good job for this afternoon.

This past week has been a week of firsts for me. I have had my first blogging injury, quite a laugh really! I was taking the camera over my head to put in the car, and I misjudged the strap length and bonked myself in the head. I ended up with a cut to the forehead and a really bruised head for days afterwards. Talk about embarrassing, but it's given the family a few laughs so it's not all bad. Husband A. really enjoyed that wee mishap of mine!

The other first was my very first blogging gift. Thank you very much you know who. I love it!!! Here it is in the next photo clipped on to my IKEA handbook. It's a paper clip in the shape of a man, from the Smiggle shop. Isn't it cute? The Ikea book was also an Aussie gift. I really wanted a copy, boy would I love it to come to NZ. On second thoughts, maybe it's not such a good idea - it would be too tempting! Love the pin board on the page though.

I have also completed my first full week of blogging and I have to say I am really enjoying it. I love being able to take photos of the things I love and sharing them with you. Thanks for the comments, verbal and online as well, I really appreciate them.

The blog is a little later than usual today I'm afraid. You see I have been a busy bee today getting supplies for some future projects - for your entertainment! We had playgroup this morning so that was a few lovely hours taken care of. The girls and I cooked up a couple of batches of dough, green and pink with golden glitter - fairy dough. Some for playgroup and the rest a present for two little friends.

Dearest Mother stopped by at lunchtime for a spot of babysitting. Daughter no. 3 and I went shopping for fabric. I actually thought I was going solo on this trip, but apparently not! I bought my first bolt of fabric this afternoon. Such a bargain at only $20, for I imagine, about 8 metres - don't you think so? Thought maybe I could make some craft bags and sell them, who knows. It was too good an offer to pass up anyway.

Two pieces of lovely winter dress fabric was purchased for Daughters 1 and 3. The blue and purple paisley in the Ikea photo up there if for the eldest. I ended up getting plain white fabric for the duvet I started at the beginning of my blogging. It's a bit tricky to find wide fabric. Never mind, it will do, and it's going to be bound around the edges anyway so won't be seen.

Now I did promise you yesterday, a peek in the bag at the other present I received, did I not? Well here it is! A box of the prettiest ribbons I've ever seen. Just perfect for a scrap booking project I also have underway. I do have quite a lot on the go at the moment don't I? Keeps it interesting. I might show you what I am making later on in the week.

Anyway have a good Tuesday, see you tomorrow hopefully! Happy Birthday for yesterday Hazel!!!

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Hazel said...

My goodness, I didn't realise creating a blog was hazardous to your health! REALLY, Sarah!!! What are you like my dear? The floral fabric is perfect and will make lovely craft bags and with your impeccable sewing you'd not have a problem selling them! The ribbon is gorgeous too! You really are a multi-tasking Queen! Thanks for the birthday wishes...now off to write my blog. I can't keep up with you! x