Friday, 24 April 2009

Perfectly Tiny

Look what I found today. The most perfectly formed little fruit on the ground by the playhouse. Such perfection for something so tiny! They dropped from our ornamental pear tree in the garden. I gathered all I could find and have placed them in a bowl for all to enjoy and marvel over. The smallest one is only about 1.5cm high and reminds me of marzipan fruit.

The wind has really got going today and everything is blowing and banging. I really don't like the wind. Makes the children grumpy too. Lucky for me I only had two children home this morning. The older girls left, with the cake, for a sleepover at Nana and Papa's yesterday afternoon. They really enjoy going to visit them. Nana made them a lovely butterscotch pudding, better than ice cream at home I guess. Papa is way more generous than us and shares his laptop! Can you imagine?

Well, last evening I made a cushion for the littlest girl's bed. I was keen to make a start on one, so I retrieved all the left over fabric and looked for inspiration. In the end I decided on a mini duvet effect with ribbons too. Great use of leftovers, wouldn't you say?

It was actually very fun to make and so simple. I simply zig-zaged the fabric strips onto a backing fabric and stitched the ribbons over the joins. Popped the back on and that was it. Couldn't have been easier.

Now this is the best thing! Little no. 4 slept in this morning under her fabulous new duvet cover!! Unheard of lately. Usually she's up at the crack of dawn, 6.15ish. Today it was 7am. Think I should make a new cover for everyone if this is going to continue.

It was quite lovely having time to myself at that peaceful hour. I prepared A's lunch, then sat down with a cup of tea. Flicking through the Tilda books got me thinking about my next project. As a result, I am now sewing a pair of slippers for Daughter no. 4. Gosh she is spoilt isn't she? There will be jealousy in the house if this continues!

I'm not sure what to make them out of, wool felt was suggested, but I can't get it in NZ - that I know of. Polar fleece just won't do. I'll just have to go to the fabric shop again, what a bother!

Please forgive me, but I forgot to show you these pretty buttons I bought the other day. Aren't they fabulous? I'm sure they will look splendid on a slipper or something. There were many colour combinations to choose from, but these are so sweet.

Oh, by the way, breakfast was served to my children this morning! See, tasty porridge in the bowls and sultanas in the little cheerful pots - to add if wished. They did wish and really enjoyed it too. Don't you just love the colourful bowls? There were a few rounds of Tupperware parties late last year!!

I'm going to have to leave you now. I trust you are having a good day and I'll see you again soon. Thanks for visiting!!


Hazel said...

Hi De Hi Sarah, The pillow looks lovely, not a scrap of fabric wasted - nice one! Those very same buttons caught my eye too a few weeks back. I think I may buy them next time I'm at Spotlight. I can use them to place in the middle of crochet flowers/hearts....hey so can you! Looking forward to seeing the slippers. I'd love to check out your Tilda books at Stitch n B*tch! Have a fab w/e! x

Anonymous said...

Hello ! I've just discovered your blog. I find it interesting and nice. Your works are beautiful. I'll definetely come back again.
Many greetings from Hungary:Manka

Doolallysally said...

Hi Sarah
Just dropped by to say Congratulations, yo've won the necklace from my blogiversary giveaway! Drop me an email with your address and I'll pop it in the post! Hope you had a nice weekend, love the new bedcover and cushion and the cake too! Love Salx