Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Weekend

Wow! This is pretty exciting for me. I have to admit I only just discovered blogs a few weeks ago - talk about slow, I know. I'm not really technically minded and this is all looking rather tricky to say the least. My dear husband is sorting out the hard stuff for me.

It's been rather a long Easter weekend for all of us here with three of the children down with a horrible bug. It's not showing signs of leaving yet either. Still, I have had loads of home time to work on an exciting new project. There is always an upside to these things I guess. I spent a few sessions down at the local fabric shop last week so was all set to begin making daughter no. 4 a new bed cover. We call them duvets over here in NZ. Strange word really isn't it? Said like doo vay.

Anyway after receiving a shop brochure in the mail I immediately fell in love with a very pretty range of fabric that have just been released. What do you think of them? Couldn't choose just one or two, so went all out and bought most of them. I actually bought another one later on that isn't in the photo. Couldn't help myself. And if that wasn't enough I bought several ribbons and braids too! My poor little girls were not impressed at having to spend so many sessions at the shops. Many bribes were handed out I can assure you.

So after much planning I finally cut through the fabrics. Such a scary step! I must say it is looking quite different from anything I have ever made before. Kind of vintage, but I quite like it. I think the ribbons really finish it off - what do you think? I also whipped up a pillowcase with the leftovers.

I now have to return to the fabric shop yet again, with four girls in tow as it is now the holidays, to purchase a backing material to finish to cover off. Thinking of the green maybe? Not sure. Will show you a photo when it is complete and adorning the little one's bed.

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sallgood said...

Back to the beginning! It's fun to see your first posted project, so cute!