Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dreary Wednesday

The weather has been very dry in Auckland for so long now that we should be grateful for a bit of rain. But it all looks so dull and dreary out there. Even my photos are lacking colour. I'm feeling a lot like the weather is today too. Just a bit yuck and I spent the whole morning feeling hungry too. Couldn't wait for lunch time. We spent the morning at music for little people which is fabulous fun and there are always lots of lovely people to catch up with.

I wasn't very productive last night either. All I did was cut and iron the bag pieces ready for sewing. The star pattern is ready to be pinned onto the blue felt and cut out as an applique for the green pockets. I didn't have access to the felt last night as middle sized people were sleeping. I figured it would be easier to hand stitch the star on, and quite effective too, with lime green embroidery thread. I guess that will be this evenings work. Doesn't No. 1's knitting co-ordinate well with the bags? She's very proud of it and not lost a stitch yet, she keeps telling us!

You know what? I've been very bad and have been holding back a very exciting piece of information. On Tuesday I woke to find out that I had won a competition!!! How jolly exciting! I don't usually win these things so I was extremely delighted as you can imagine. Want to know what it was? You sure? How about you check it out for yourself. I know it seems a bit mean of me to make you leave, but a photo speaks a thousand words and for me to describe it would be tragic I'm sure. So just give this a click and you'll be there!! Oh, and please come back to me as I haven't finished raving yet.

Well what did you think??? Pretty isn't it? And what a clever lady Sally is. Thank you so much Sal, I can hardly wait to receive it. I think it will look great with a white shirt and my jeans. I've got into necklaces recently. I'm not usually a jewellery sort of person, but a necklace really does make an outfit a bit more special.

15A is a little secret at the top of our garden. My very clever husband A. decided to build it when I was nearly due to have our fourth child. I did express concern at the time, but I was told it would all be finished in plenty of time and not a problem at all. Famous last words!! After much stress when things didn't go right, or there was a leak, or an ant infestation, it did finally get finished. When was that, you ask? Just before No. 4's second birthday. Men and their nesting instincts! We, mothers, could do without them.

I guess I should be more grateful really, and I know I am lucky to have such a clever husband, but timing is everything! Now look at this lock. Oh, the conversations we had about this. Visitors think it is so funny that we have a flash locking system on our playhouse. Well, after you spend two years on a project, you would want to make sure it was safe too wouldn't you?

I couldn't wait to get my hands on the interior decorating side of things. Move over Daddy, the gingham queen has arrived!

The cushions were made with some fabrics I bought on TradeMe. This is about as good as I get with patchwork. The fabric is so cute, Funky Monkey it was called. I made four cushions, all different, one for each cane chair.

The kitchen was installed just before Christmas. After bathroom alterations were completed inside the real house, we were left with the perfect kitchen unit. The old vanity, minus the top, as it was too high. The bathroom tap was also installed into the new bench. Just like a real kitchen really, but no water thank you.

I had fun collecting pretty things for the girls Christmas presents, to be used in the playhouse. The pink measuring cups and spoons were perfect, and much nicer than mine too I might add.

So, this is the finished piece of work. As solid as a real house, and by far, much prettier. No ants and no leaks either. Unfortunately we forgot to water the pink impatiens. They were gorgeous when in full bloom.

Hey, I also forgot to tell you, I sold five of the make up bags this week. How neat is that? Thank you very much ladies! I will definately be going shopping this weekend. I can't wait!

Well, you go and have a nice day, or evening. Hope you have something nice planned, or at least some time to do something for yourself. See you later on hopefully.


Polka Dot Daze said...

Wow Sarah! That playhouse is divine. I am soo jealous! Good work selling 5 makeup bags - you'll be setting up a stall in the village next. Not a bad idea really...

Sarah said...

Mummy I think your blog is fantastic! I love reading your blog!!!!!!!

Love from your daughter no.2.


Hazel said...

What a fab playhouse. How come I've never seen it? Is it because I'm always glued to your couch sipping tea whenever I'm around? That's it I'm having a nosy tomorrow evening at Stitch. xx

running thread said...

Can I move in?
I love this playhouse.
Don't tell anyone where I am!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I love the play house! Thanks for your comment on the Northern Belles blog. Re. Fabric, there is a U.S. company called Spoonflower where you can get your own designs printed. If you pop over to my Emily Pickle blog, my post a few days ago shows the cupcake design and I have a link in the post to Spoonflower. Kate x