Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Beans and Cake

The vegetables in our patch are doing splendidly at the moment. Just look at these beautiful beans we grew ourselves! Can't say we had much to do with it really, they basically took care of their little selves while we watched on. Good little beans. Rather low maintenance compared to their fellow friends - the brassicas. Quite a few large holes from some fat little friends all over the cabbage leaves.

We took the pretty little parcel of beans to my grandmother for her dinner. She returned the favour with a bowl of these feijoas. Daughter no.1 and I quite like these florally tasting delights. Think they are a North Island thing really as I have never eaten them anywhere else. Wonder if they grow in other countries?

The lettuce plants are really looking grand. Looking forward to a tasty Vegemite and lettuce sandwich in a few weeks time.

I was kept busy this afternoon turning the pretty fabric under the feijoas into a little something. I've always liked the colours in it but it never seemed to get made into anything. Not sure what I had planned to do with it when I bought it many years ago. I will share it with you when I have it finished. No peeking now! I'll just say that there is also some orange gingham involved that I found lurking in the cupboard. Very nice! OK, orange isn't for every one, but I think it's rather lovely really. And after all it is gingham!! - I really can't go wrong!

Did a spot of cake decorating for a relative yesterday. It was quite fun using the gold powder. Apparently you just mix it with alcohol and paint with it. Sounds easier than it actually was mind you. Tasty paint! Had to stop the girls from sampling it!!! The decoration is of one of those government cards you get when you retire at 65 - super saver. I'm quite fond of the numbers more than anything. Playdough cutters and icing!

The girls seem to be in recovery mode now at last. We can rejoin the world at last! I think we've been in quarantine for two whole weeks. Will have to celebrate tomorrow with an outing. Hope you have an enjoyable day too!

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Anonymous said...

i am most impressed with your craftiness and must immediatley commision to make something for the boys! i am deeply envious of the girls bedding and would easily slip into it, ties done up or not. how lucky the girls are to have you teach them such handy things. can't believe how much you have done and that you kept your talent hidden from me all the time we were in nz. i didn't realise how much worshipping you were entitled to. you really are up there with the godesses. it was so lovely to get your email the other day. i will try to ring you soon to have a chat, if you hear the phone ring over the hub of business.maria xx.