Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Children and Chocolate

What lovely 'C' words. Usually I love both of them a lot. Yesterday I did not enjoy either of them much at all I have to say. The three sick girls were quite annoying, constantly following me around and whining at me. We needed to go out and look for a present for a party daughter no. 1 is currently attending. Of course what we wanted was not available so it took two trips. The first one ended in tears, most of us either crying or close to it. It was suspended until the little ones were having their nap. I did steel a bite of chocolate inbetween times but was caught with a mouthful. I would have enjoyed it more with a little peace and time to myself. Something like this photo above is what I had in mind.

The second outing was a little more successful if rather drawn out. I did buy myself a little gift to cheer me up - one has to occasionally when the going is getting tough! It's the iron flowers all lined up in front of the sunny marigolds. I am going to hang it in the kitchen for our keys. Getting a bit frazzled some school mornings when the keys are no where to be seen! It wasn't really what A had in mind apparently - funny that. Men don't seem to appreciate beauty at it's best. That's what I am going to enjoy most about this blogging thing. Like-minded people enjoying the little pleasures in life.

Most of the evening was spent in front of the computer trying to work out blogging. It's not perfect but I'm leaving room for improvement. It's a bit antisocial too, so I will have to post in the afternoons when all is quiet. I am looking forward to reading my magazine freshly arrived today. Spot the gingham in the photo up there at the top? Ooooh it should be good! Last month the mag had a section on cleaning up your front entrance way. See my after shot down there? Not bad at all I'd say. Can't stop sweeping the petals and dust away, it's becoming a daily obsession. Still it's better than some and those geraniums are looking so georgous aren't they?

This month I see I will be cleaning up the kitchen. Good grief!!! Not my favourite place at all. I am enjoying my new teatowels though. Of course the red gingham is my first pick, then the red polkadot one. I recently sorted the pantry out with lovely matching containers for everything, so I'm one up already. Maybe it won't be so bad after all.

Well I'm off to feed daughters 2 and 3. No. 4 is sleeping peacefully and not a whine can be heard. Bliss! Enjoy your day.

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