Monday, 29 March 2010

What A Weekend!

The girls and I have been playing. 
What do you think of the new blog look?
  I have a poll on the right, yep just over there, if you would be good enough to send me your opinion.  My mother is horrified that there is no longer any trace of red gingham on it!  Well I just don't know how to do one of those fancy headings everyone else has!  But I do like the cute little birds down the side of my blog now.  And my current fav colour is gracing most of the blog.

I've managed to do quite a bit more crochet this past week.  Do you see I've added two rounds of white to the grannies?  I do like lots of white in my quilt borders so thought it would also go well on a crochet blanket.  And it adds loads of extra size too which excites me!  I wonder how many more balls of white I'll need now?  Will it look good or is there too much white?

Well there hasn't been a lot of hooking this weekend I can tell you!  My goodness I've slogged it out with hubby prepping three bedrooms, a bathroom and wardrobes ready for plastering tomorrow. 
I ache. 
I really ache. 
I ache in places I've never ached before. 
Hubby's the same.  I couldn't get to sleep last night from so many sore points. 
Even my neck muscles ache.

I've been taping the carpet edges down. 
I've laid plastic protective covers over the carpet.
I've scrubbed the bathroom ceiling.  That was really, really painful!
I've cleaned.
I've sanded.
I even got to paint the wall edges!! 
(A big treat for me and only given the job as we were so pushed for time.)  Hey, doesn't everyone's painting look great in the dark?!

And the girls were left to fend for themselves.  Don't tell!!
You should have seen the house at the end of each day! 
After a while they ran out of floor space. 
They ate rubbish for tea last night. 
They stayed up later than they should have. 
They did not put a single dish, cup or spoon in the dishwasher.
Suddenly it looks like perhaps I do do a lot around the house.  It even shocked me!

I feel I deserve a little me time today.  I finished up my work at lunchtime.  The rooms are ready for tomorrow. 
Now I am going to read my new USA Country Living magazine, thank you Joan.  I really needed that today.  I also see that Spotlight is having a 20% off sale this week. 
How lovely. 
The extra white wool I'll be needing will be nice and cheap now.
Jug is on, I'm off!
Hope you lovelies have a great week.


sallgood said...

I LOVE the white borders on your grannies- it's like a crocheted quilt!! So cute!

ecoMILF said...

I love the new look- the birds, butterflies and clouds all in this lovely teal/turquoise. Good on your for taking some me time today... I think I'll go do that right now! xo m. said...

I love the birds and butterflies, and I love blue! You sound so busy! Doesn't the whole house get affected when you are doing these kind of jobs? I am glad to hear that you have allowed yourself some rest time too! suzie xxx

Lululiz said...

I love the new background, thats very you, I think. But............., oh come on, you knew there would be a but from me, lol. I don't like the header, it is far too plain for somebody as, errmm, how can I put, exuberant, cheeky and lively as you.
Your granny squares are of course totally gorgeous, Hurry up and finish, lol, I so wanna see the completed blanket. It will be an heirloom!

Sarah said...

Liz your comment has been noted and I have a new temperary header for your pleasure. I'll work on something more serious this week.

Lululiz said...

Schmoochies and huggsies, lolol, does that mean you agree with me???
Oh, already a bit of an improvement!