Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What A Morning!

Oh my goodness, what a morning!!!
Don't you hate those mornings? 
The ones when you have to be somewhere at a certain time and everything tries to stop you from getting there?
Well this was one that won't be forgotten for a while.

It all started with the exciting entrance of a butterfly.  Problem was, he really wasn't getting out of his house very well at all.  Sounds a bit like us really!

So I armed myself with a couple of pairs of tweezers and peeled the crusty layer off his wings.  Apparently I resembled a crab with nippers. 
Well things didn't look good half an hour later, and in the end I decided to pop him down the gurgler. (The sinkerator for those of you who have no idea what I'm on about.) This was most upsetting for four unorganised girls who really should have been leaving for school.

And it that wasn't bad enough, earlier in the morning I heard a noise in the garage that sounded like a person playing with one of those retractable tape measures.

A bit spooky really.
I locked the garage door and left the tape measure player to it.
It's not my idea of a good time, but I do know it can be entertaining to certain little people, so each to their own.

Spooky picture

Well eventually we had to open the garage as I needed to take two small people places so I could go to a school meeting.  I had hubby stay on the phone while I bravely went in search of the tape measure rustler. 
Absolutely nothing!
Oh well, we headed out down the road, past the school and waited at the traffic lights.  I did what I usually do at this time, reached in my rather spiffy red bowling bag, and took out my lipstick, only to find ladies shouting at me and banging on my window to stop.
What, can't a girl beautify herself without interuption???
It appears that someone saw a cat peeking out from under my bonnet!!
(Thank you to my model who looked remarkably like the one in my car.)

The one in my car looked a little more like this...

Giant saucer eyes looking up from the engine.
See the ginger arrow I've drawn on the photo below?  (By the way I'm quite proud that I was able to do that!)  That's where he must have stayed
since yesterday afternoon when the girls were riding their bikes out front.
Well it took half an hour for the crowds to free him, he was so scared.  I was parked in the lane with cars travelling down both sides of my car and it was quite embarassing really. 
Luckily a panel beater Dad and an a couple of Indian men happened upon us and offered to take over the rescue. After freeing him, the office lady arrived and took him to school as I thought he belonged to our neighbour who works there. 
Apparently he looks just like hers, but is missing a black spot on his nose.

So after taking both children to the loooong school meeting, I went up to the sick bay to pick up the cat to take him home.  I have no idea who he belongs to, so I just let him out after a bit of doorknocking at empty houses.  I still have his collar so will go out later today and investigate.
Here's the evidence of a bit of a scuffle, under my car in the garage.

I sure hope tomorrow is less eventful and that pussy cat has calmed down a bit. 
The strangest things happen some days don't they?
I'm just very grateful that he's in one piece as it could have been an ugly sight.
I'm happy for mobile phones too and for wonderful caring people to help in times like this.


Virginia said...

Wow, what a story and all that before morning tea! Some days do seem to go from one drama to another. Have come upon your blog more than once so thought I'd better say Hi! We have four girls (including a 'Sarah')- and 3 year old twins. I can relate to your shopping story! We are currently banned from my local Coles. Be sure to visit my blog and say something nice :-)

sallgood said...

Wow! That's one lucky cat!! What an ordeal for everyone involved, including the butterfly! :(

Megan said...

wow what a day- i like your photo with the plates!

Heleen said...

What a story! Here we say a cat has seven lives..
Love the butterfly pictures, one almost never can see how they come out their cocoon.

ecoMILF said...

Love the photo story. I can't believe all of that happened!! Hope tomorrow is a little more simple for you! xo m.

Floss said...

What a day! The cat in the engine story is what happened to our Chanel (before we knew him), and he ended up with a very badly damaged tail, so you did really well to get your stowaway out (finally!) in one piece. But how incredibly stressful for you all. Thank goodness indeed for all those kind people - people are frankly a lot nicer than we tend to expect.

I've heard that butterflies HAVE to get themselves out of their cocoons alone, or they never develop the strength to pump up their wings fully. This sounds like one of those urban myth/'there is a message in this story' things, but I suspect it's probably true. But it's impossible to know all these things. One cat rescue in a day sounds like a good success rate to me! Have a VERY calm and uneventful day now...

Lululiz said...

Gosh, you lead such an exciting life!
What the heck is that in the last pic? Please tell me that only looks like some kind of rodent, but isn't really one.

Willeke said...

What a story and what a lucky cat! pfft...
Great butterfly-photo's.
Your swap-gift is on its way. I'm wondering when it will arrive.

Joan said...

Double animal rescue... We'll have to find you a shirt with a large "S" on the front and a matching cape. I guess it's better to be a cat in the U.S. as they have nine lives here. See, the thing about that monkey bag is that I would never be able to find my lipstick in such a cavernous space.

topchelseagirl said...

Wow what a morning and what a lucky cat. Could've been nasty.

Croap Queen said...

And all that in one morning? I'd have gone back to bed!
Very lucky cat - hope you find out who he belongs to.
Jo said...

That is amazing! What a series of events! Lemony snicket! Isn't it strange how occasionally you just get days like that! I wonder how many lives that cat has left now?!!! Suzie xxx