Monday, 8 March 2010

An Outing With No.4 and Me

Any of you lovely people want to come on an outing with No.4 and me?  We need to go and research some fabrics.  Yeah, that sounds like you?  Well I'm glad one of my passenges is excited about it! Come on then, seatbelt on and off we go. 
We'll take state highway 20 to Onehunga. 
Ha, I'd love to hear how you pronounced that one!! 
Kind of like Onnie-hung-a.  Yeah that's close enough, well done.

This is Church Road, named because, well,  there is a church or two at the side of the road.
This one is quite a lovely looking one as well.

OK lets turn left into Onehunga Mall.  Oh gosh only 30 min parking! 
Really, who could fabric shop in that length of time??
First up is this dark place, Antique Fabric and Lace. 
OMG did you see the walls?  I've never seen so many beaded bits and pieces in my life!! 
This is one long shop and not one bit of wall was showing. 
Not my cup of tea, but quite clearly the place to go for something a bit glitzy. 
Hang on, I just need to get some pink sequin stuff for a costume.
No not for me silly!

Oh man, No.4 needs to go to the toilet, already!  Nothing like a walk around the block when you have 30 mins on the carpark and another shop to visit.  No problem at all lovey. 
The library will have facilities.  Actually the small room didn't look that bad in person, quite clean really. 

Right, on we go to Fabrics Direct, just across the road from the glitzy shop. 
Oh lovely, they've gone out for ten mins.  Wonder if we met them in the toilets too?

Sorry about the whinging from No.4.  She's clearly not enjoying this as much as she could be. 
I can't say I'm enjoying it much either now. 
Shopping with a three year old isn't that great I'm afraid. 
Luckily we found this cool canvas! 
Isn't it going to look great as tote bags? 
The nice man had a different measuring system to the rest of us, it's way bigger than one metre.  Such a lovely man.  I should be able to get four bags out of this piece.

Well I think we've made the most of that half hour, or so.  Lets do a bit of driving up the road and see what's there. 
Ooooh look... there's a patchwork shop.  Excellent! 

And see cupcake, there's Toyworld store across the road.  Be nice and quiet in here and you can have a play in there afterwards. 
Nothing like a wee bribe aye?
Mmmm Patchwork Passion was a bit old ladyish wasn't it? 
The Amy Butler section was fabulous but that's about it.  Oh well something to cross off the list.

Sorry you had to drag me out of Toyworld.  I do like looking at the Sylvanian range. 
There were some cute new sets I would have liked to buy too.  But never mind.

Hey look out my window!  Look at that neat mosiac work.  Isn't it amazing?  I'd love to have a sit on that sofa just to see what the comfort level is. 
Hey Liz, perhaps you could get your crochet out and see what people have to say. 
Gosh that would be a laugh!

Right I think we might as well head home. I'm feeling like this outing was a bit of a waste of time.  Only because a certain little Miss wasn't co-operating too well.
Oh look. 
Save Mart. 
 Sound like a goer to you?  Yeah we'll just pop in and check it out. 
Oh my, this is huge.  And it's all the donated clothing we leave out on the street in the pink bags. 
So this is where it ends up! 
Well I never. 
Oh we could spend hours in here.  There's a whole, really long row, just with jeans!

What???  You don't really need the toilet again?  Are you serious??  Oh man.  Oh my goodness, look what I've just laid eyes on.  Yes it's got my name on it.  Hold on lovey, Mama's got to pay first.
Oh I can just hear Hubby now:  "OMG you have got to be kidding!"
It reminds me of a bowling bag!  It's so cool!!  And there's plenty of room for all my rubbish, I mean my important stuff.

Well that was sort of interesting, wasn't it?  I think we'll do it again without the little madam next time. 
She's usually quite good, I swear. 

Now I wonder if any of you know what this georgous fabric is?  I just bought it on Friday and it doesn't have a printed selvedge.  I am completely and utterly in love with it. 
It's going to be in our bed quilt for sure. 

Did I not mention my little shopping expedition on Friday? 
Oh how negligent of me. 
Well maybe next time. 
Oh and I received a very special parcel in the mail today from the lovely Lululiz in Lalaland. 
Oh you just wait, it's marvelous!

Right I have to go now, I have some phone calls to make. 
He he, does that sound important or what??
See you all later!


Bev C said...

Lovely post, life is just like that.Love the fabric you bought on Friday. Have a great day with your family.

sallgood said...

That was a fun outing! My kind of shopping- fabric, thrifting, and the price was right for me too! (Wish all my shopping trips were that inexpensive!!)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness Sarah. I was there on Saturday...LOL yes the fabric shops etc..We had a coffee at Columbus..nice cafe. Great post... Lisa

Trudi said...

Oh my, how I remember those days! I ws right back there with two little ones in tow! Toilet trips, bribery and all! The fabric is beautiful, sorry I can't help you with it.

kleinzonnetje said...

Hello! The fabric looks like Amy Butler's tumble roses pink, from her new 'Love' collection.... said...

I felt like I was there with you! The fabric is gorgeous, I can see why you love it! suzie. xxx

Floss said...

Very nostalgic, that, a trip with a whining toddler! We've all been there, and can cope, so thanks for taking us along! When Son 2 was that age he 'left' his imaginary horse in the next door town, and only discovered the loss in our DIY store carpark. How to deal with that one..?

The dotty canvas is fantastic and I do love your mystery roses. SaveMart sounds like my kind of place too!

Lululiz said...

ROFLMAO, only you could take us on shopping trip and then shove us into a ladies' room. AND post a photo of the toilet. That really had me in stitches.
Of course I'd happily sit on that bench and crochet the day away, as long as you promise sunshine and copious amounts of tea.

Anonymous said...

hello Sarah
thank you so much for your good wishes xxx
you are so lucky to have had a baby giraffe (one of my fav. animals) born near you :o)
love the fabric with the roses xxx


Joan said...

Gee, I've always wondered what the public toilets look like in New Zealand. (Actually, it's not a curiosity that has kept me up nights.)

Great shopping trip, but I think I would have passed on the monkey bag.