Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Black Box

Hello there!!  Nice to see all you lovely people once again. 
I've had a lovely restful break, not quite ready to come back fully,
but perhaps once or twice a week from now on. 

I have a problem with computers,
well new age things in general really. 
I mean they are great for a whole load of reasons,
they connect us with the rest of the world and generally do make life easier.  And of course some of my sweetest friends live in that black box,

There are some big negatives for me...
The take up too much precious time, I call them time suckers.
They destroy some of what life is meant to be about.
We don't like our girls using them because we'd rather they had fun doing things children should be doing but there are the pressures from school and friends.
They are anti-social, as far as family life is concerned.

If we could, hubby and me that is, we would be living in the sticks growing food for the family and making things we needed.  There would be no TV or computer in our house.  Our children on the other hand do not choose to live this way, so we don't.  We did actually go without watching a TV for about two years several years ago.  It was great.  We spent the evenings talking, doing our activities, playing board games and generally having fun.

As they say, everything in moderation.  But I find it difficult to keep the balance between all my bits. 
I want to spend more time doing one thing but find I don't have enough time to do all the other things. 
So at the moment I will do things in order of importance. 
And that will probably mean blogging will not be at the top of the list, all the time. 
Of course sometimes my needs will be at the top of that list and I will blog!

You lovely people and your lovely ideas keep me coming back for more. 
I've learned so much in the past year.  Gosh I can even crochet now!! 

I also want you to know that I do try and read most of the blogs on my list, but sometimes I don't have time to comment on them.  Please don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm not, I'm probably just having to dash off to do something else.

I've enjoyed spending some time with you again,
but now I must leave you once again to do a little tidying up. 
I've had three tradesmen here today so there is plenty to do.
Have a happy week!
Love Sarah


sallgood said...

A life in balance is a beautiful thing!!

Country Nanny said...

I agree with you: it's difficult but it's very very important to keep the balance with all our bits. I noticed that when I'm not able to do it I feel unhappy, unquiet and overwhelmed.
Have a nice time.

Floss said...

Well, you're another really good example of people seeking the right balance, as I was blathering on about last Sunday - I was thinking of you, actually, among others. It may just be the steroids I'm still on, but recently I've found it easier to do a little bit of time-limited blogging each day and leave the computer off the rest of the time. As you say, it's been good for my boys - they are less likely to ask to go on the computer if it's not on and enticing...

We have a problem in that Son 1 does very constructive things on the computer - sends long emails to a friend in England or designs bridges on a programme from West Point College, for example - whilst Son 2 thinks it's not fair he's denied equal computer time for playing games and watching videos! Very hard to explain that one, yet I try to be balanced...

So, see you whenever it feels right, and have a wonderful life the rest of the time, too!

Lululiz said...

Bloggers are very understanding people. It doesn't matter if you don't post every day, it doesn't matter if you disappear for a week or two or four, you are always welcomed back with open arms. As much as I would like to blog every day, I just don't seem to get around to it. But bloggers understand. We all have other things we need to get on with, be it looking after family, working a day job, crafting, or just relaxing in the garden. That lovely saying " a little bit of what you fancy does you good " applies to everything in my humble opinion. Computer time included.
Having said all that, I wouldn't want to be without my dear blogger friends and their cherished comments and emails. xxx

Croap Queen said...

I'm with you there Sarah - I spend most of the day on a computer and I try really hard not to spend all evening on it too - not least of all because it makes my neck sore. It leads to a lot of UFOs too - or as I like to call them WIPs (although certain other bloggers - see straight above this post - are quite rude about that) :-)

Squares are looking good - looking forward to seeing the finished blanket
Jo x said...

I know exactly what you mean! I love catching up with every body, and feel like they may feel I am ignoring them if I don't come on here as much, but It is really very time consuming, so I have been trying to balance it all better. After all there are only so many hours in a day! Have a lovely weekend! suzie xxx

Willeke said...

Enjoy life,your family and hobby's as much as you want! Recently I read the slogan "Blogging without Obligation". I think it is a good one.

Kate said...

Good for you Sarah!
We are living in the sticks, growing our own food but still I have this computer addiction. My husband threatens to send me to blog rehab sometimes.
Loving your grannies. X

Anonymous said...

i agree with all you say about the 'black box' and it is hard to strike the balance. we watch t.v. (dvd's infact) once a week...friday night is film night. it's the only time we get close to junk type foods too.
you sound like a very sensible and loving family xxx

hugs xxx


Anonymous said...

i almost forgot to say the first thing i was going to say. the granny squares are gorgeous!!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

...and hello to you too! I will pop and have a read on my day off - you have a nice cheery friendly blog. Yappy