Monday, 15 March 2010

Gifts Galore

I forgot to tell you, I was the lucky winner of a fabulous prize last week.  I just answered a nice little questionaire from Fabrication about my favourite subject - fabric,
and I won the prize!
I was allowed to choose between a metre of fabric or fat quarters. 
Annie has an online store selling fabrics from New Zealand.  Please go and see what she has available, she has some very lovely fabrics.

Well after a few hours of mulling the idea over and all the possible options,
I decided upon these little fatties...

I just love the little apples!  So cute.  None of them are for particular projects, just ones I liked. 
So thank you very much Annie.

I had a very productive day yesterday. 
First up I made some dance tops for three girls who are auditioning for a talent quest at school on Wednesday.  You can see a pink one below. 
Shiny isn't it?!! 
Might very well go with my last post title!
Then I sat down to enjoy a little crochet work. 
My big girls took interest in doing a square of their own so after a length of chain was mastered, I proceeded to show them how to make grannies. 
Well it didn't go too badly, although No.1 pulled out with a sore wrist.  Really! 
No.2 however managed to do three rounds and...

ended up with a wonderful first granny!
She's mighty proud of her efforts as are we. 
I've just gone out and bought two more crochet hooks in the same size I am using,
so they can have their own personal grannies in my blanket. 
I can do with all the help I can get!  17 grannies done and many more to go still.

In the afternoon I put a dressing gown together for No.3. 
It's in the most colourful rainbow striped fabric I ever did see. 
I just need to find buttons and it's ready for show and tell.  I only bought the fabric yesterday as well!! 
That's mighty impressive.  
I even managed to impress hubby as he did think it would sit around for weeks just like all the others.
I really don't know what he means?!!

And check this out...

Yep my Spring Swap parcel arrived this morning!  I can't wait to show you what the lovely Willeke sent me.  It's just amazing and so exciting!  If you click on her name you will see what I sent for her.

Dont' you just love the windmill wrapping and the tulip card? 
I'm sure you can guess where she lives!  I'll be sure to post about it really soon.


Country Nanny said...

Wow Sarah! A very productive day!!!
Congrat to No.2 for her first granny square.
Have a nice week.

Lululiz said...

Nice new fabric stash!
No. 2's first square turned out really well. I hope she has caught the crochet bug as well now. As you said, you need all the help you can get, for one reason or another....

Floss said...

Well, lucky you! Prizes, swaps and crocheting children...