Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Bag

I think some of you didn't quite see the same potential in my new red bowling bag as I did. 
Not to worry, I love it and proudly take it everywhere.

How about now?

Yes some of you are interested now, aren't you?

Oh yes, I see some rather envious eyes looking and thinking,
what a marvelous bag she has now.

Bet you are wishing you too had a fetching bag like mine.

I've been playing with wool again. 
I do love crochet grannies. 
I love the items made from these groovy little squares. 
I will try to ignore Hubby's rude remarks about the old lady look they have. 
Actually by the time I've finished my blanket I probably will be an old lady,
so it's going to suit me well, isn't it now?

Remember this post?

Well after some consulting with Dearest Liz, it was decided that what I needed was
a piece of 120 year old linen to stitch my buttons onto. 
How I didn't know myself that I'll never know!
Well after only a few days this amazing parcel arrived in the box. 
She's sure knows how to spoil a girl!

Just look at the lace rose with the button at the centre... 
Oh she's such a crafty lady, so very clever. 
I can see that rose on one of my nighties at some stage.

And look, I was lucky enough to be given one of her new tags, freshly made by her hands. 
I just love all the old bits and pieces she's used.

Gosh Liz you've spoilt me yet again. 
Thank you so much!
I really must get a wriggle on with that little project.

I nearly forgot to tell you, I located the family of the cat from yesterday's adventure. 
They seemed to find it all rather amusing and didn't seem at all concerned. 
Hopefully he's recovered from his shock by now. 
I think I have finally. 
I even missed a dental appointment for No.2 in the shock of it all. 
Funny thing was, she knew I would have forgotten the appointment
so didn't even go up to the office at the right time! 
Gosh am I that bad?? 
Yes, probably!

Oh well have yourselves a splended day and evening. 
You know what I'll be doing!


bekimarie said...

How lovely of Liz, i've also got one of her lovely tags. It was tied around my lovely swap parcel that I received today.
Happy crotcheting, I love Granny squares!

Beki xxx

sallgood said...

I love you bag just STUFFED with wonderful yarns, ready to make grannie squares! (Which I also mom made me a hippie sweater vest from them when I was a girl. Wish I still had it!) And so glad the kitty is now home safe and sound!

Juanita Tortilla said...

Cats in cat bonnets! I wonder why!!!

You're right, you had my attention with all that colourful wool. Hey, I like granny squares -- so easy to make (though I dread piecing them together and weaving in those tails; sorry to spoil your fun)... Granny squares are so chic and trendy now!

Megan said...

your bag of wool is wonderful!

Michela said...

It was lovely to have a peek into your bag, even if I'm not a crafter! xxxx

Lululiz said...

It took me a few minutes to pick myself up off the floor, after I had fallen off my chair....... you are crocheting granny squares!!!! Roflmao, after all the stick you gave me, woman, about my crocheting habits. Thats it, big beige granny knickers are what you gonna get for your birthday.
VERY nice wools,btw, I could even put up with the bag.

Willeke said...

I think it is a very nice bag and the wool is gorgeous. The colors are so beautiful. Have fun making the granny squares.
I'm curious what you will make of the linen and the buttons.

Anonymous said...

I love all your wonderful yarns, Sarah ! Such nice colours!

I'm glad to hear you found the poor cat's owners. You know, I like cats, especially ginger ones...

You got very beautiful presents from Liz too, she' so sweet.

Croap Queen said...

Well, well. So, the closet crocheter has finally emerged! No more shall I believe you when you tell me you can't crochet. Hmmm, wonder what other little treasures you're going to reveal.

Jo x

corry said...

That's some gorgeous yarn in your bag. I love these colors, they will make pretty grannies! be careful though.. grannies can be very addictive!

Joan said...

I am enjoying my vintage granny-square afghan, actually made my by granny. She died five years ago, and the afghan was probably made many years before that. I just got it last year from my aunt. (If you want to see it, go to my blog post on May 8, 2009.)
I have a dental appointment next week that I'd like to forget... but I'd rather it not be forgotten because of trauma!