Friday, 18 December 2009

Holiday's - Day One!

Look what I made a couple of weeks ago when I was knee deep in sewing projects. OK before my jam making took over my life! It's a Christmas Garland and it was easy peasie. I didn't even finish off the edges of the triangle points, such a cheat. Well I'm thinking it will still last for ages as no one will be touching it way up there.

I just rummaged through my ribbons and laces and found some suitable ones. The lace square was that crochet table mat I found in the op shop a while back. See that precious red ric rac? Dearest Michela sent it all the way from Venice for me. Isn't she sweet?

All done in one evening and a lot of fun as well. I also sewed some buttons on the ribbons randomly - again from Michela with some old finds too. I'm very pleased with how it has come out and it livens the dining room up immensely.
My favourite part of it is the section with the white pompoms. Unfortunately I can't show you a close up of that, as there are too many cobwebs in the photo!!! I really must find that duster. I just know there is one somewhere - the last people to live here left it behind. Imagine leaving your old duster behind!!
Oooo, I got my butt whipped today! I took the big girls to ten pin bowling while No.3 was at kindy and No.4 left at Great Gran's. Well it all started off well. My first bowl was a strike!!! I am still in shock over that one. But it seems I peaked too early on in the game and it was all down hill from there and I actually came last by quite a bit. So embarrassing, as a huge group of holiday programme kids were watching and all I could show them were gutter balls! Oh the shame of it.
Gosh I'm really hoping my middle girls calm down for the holidays real soon as they are both being really naughty and driving their poor mother to despair. (And they are home for six weeks!!!) Honestly you'd think they would be trying to impress Santa at this late date, but sadly no. Clearly they don't want many presents. I'm on here trying to escape!
Oh well I guess some housework wouldn't go amiss would it? We are having fish'n'chips at the beach tonight. It's such a lovely week of sunshine over here. Don't you wish you could live in both sides of the world, six months in each?


sallgood said...

I love cute AND quick!

meg said...

Your garland is super cute Sarah. i sewed one last week too, haven't specifically blogged it yet but might do it soon. I used red felt and christmas fabric and made it two sided (took a bit longer). Enjoy your beach dinner!

Sarah said...

Thanks you your lovely comments ladies! As for the beach, well the clouds have decided to come over big time and I'm about to break the news to the girls that it will be a picnic in the empty lounge instead. I'm sure you will hear the wails from your place!! Anyway I think some little girls could do with early nights.

Bev C said...

Sarah, You have been busy making things for Christmas. I hope Santa brings you something. Love the banner. Don't worry about the spiders they just add character. Happy days.

Michela said...

..what did you have for breakfast??? I want to be tall like you!!! He he!
Love your garland!

Lululiz said...

Hahahaha, fancy being outdone at ten pin bowling by your girls, in front of a whole bunch of kids! Tehehehe, thats the sort of thing which usually happens to me. Still, its great fun, isn't it?

Love the garland, but shame on you for not showing us the pompoms, I so wanted to see the pompoms. How could you let a few cobwebs get in the way of that???

Joan said...

I love your "garland." We would call it "pennants." I'm having company this weekend and next week, so I've been on a cobweb hunt. Generally I just try not to look up into corners.

Floss said...

Yes I DO! (To your last question). Naughty kids at the beginning of the hols is something I know all about. I think they find the long holidays very unsettling, but can't articulate that. Things begin to calm down as they get used to the changes in routine, I think, and having good weather and the chance to get them out and about (and separated if necessary) is what I really like best! Hope they mellow out and you have a great Christmas with your lovely bunting, Sarah. said...

Oh, I love that so much! I wonder if I would have time? Hmmmm.....! Merry christmas! suzie. xxx

Serenata said...

I do as well! Sounds perfect!

As to naughty children and holidays I can definitely offer sympathy on that front.

love the bunting Sarah. Have a lovely weekend.

Oh and I can try your biscuit recipe oven has been fixed!

Serenata said...

oops, forgot to add I love either jam, but the strawberry does sound especially nice! ;-)

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Sarah
Thanks for your message, and sadly, I did not make the silver heart! But it does look quite easy to copy! ;-)
I love your bunting with the decorative touches. And you've had me laughing out loud about that sorrowful duster!!!
Have a fab weekend,
Denise x