Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Lights At Night

On Monday evening we set out for our Annual Christmas Lights Trip around the neighbourhood. We started at a church that holds the most magnificent light display, with it's own radio station, that has a light show to music. It's absolutely fantastic! And then you go inside and there are four different shows to watch. The parishioners put it on and they have a bit of fun with the Christmas story. There's carol singing too which we joined in until No.4 put her hand across my mouth! What's she trying to say???

And in the next village, we have for the first time, a marque fill with Christmas goodness inside and out. This belongs to a couple who actually just live around the corner from us. But two years ago someone was killed outside their house crossing the busy road to see the lights. so now they aren't allowed to do what they want and the council has put them in the village where it is safer. So these lovely people, for six weeks, open up their hearts to all of us and provide our children with an amazing experience. There is no fee and there are candy canes for everyone too.

Inside you find loads of these sort of toys, where you press a button and watch as the toy performs for you.

And just look at these pesky signs!!!...

The train set villages are my favourite...

The girls like to put a coin in the red carriage.

Oh darling, I do think it might be snowing...

Golly, I think you might be right!

Mmmm, it seems to be quite warm over here. I'm a little fearful of loosing my bottom!

Ho ho ho! Santa's here with a reindeer to cheer all the snow men and ladies up.

As I took this photo yesterday, it's a bit out of date, but you can see we are nearly there!!! And my goodness are the girls getting excited. No.1 has always been a very excitable child and No.2 loves Christmas so she's excited, No.3 never gets excited so she's fairly (herself) normal, and No.4 doesn't need much of an excuse to go a bit silly and over the top. So you can imagine how jolly it is around here. They are starting to play nicely now which Mama is really delighted about.

It's Christmas Eve here tomorrow. That's pretty close. We will do goodness knows what tomorrow, probably tidy and make beds, then at 6pm we will go to church for the Children's Service. There's always a play put on by the children and some carol singing. As we aren't regulars, our girls won't be in it.
After the service we will come home and the girls will each pick one present that they would like to open. This is usually quite planned as they have been peaking at the presents under the tree! They'll know what looks good and who it's from. Mummy and Daddy only get three presents each so we won't be joining in.
Tonight we will wrap the last of the presents all ready for Christmas. Have you wrapped all your yet? Ours are never fancy looking and usually the ones the little girls have wrapped have screeds of sellotape. It's OK, I bought four more rolls of it yesterday.


The Garden Bell said...

Such a charming post and great idea. Are those barefoot kids I see outside.... we are all so jealous over here in a big snow storm. Guess you want what you can have...... Keep send us some sun.

bekimarie said...

We do the opening of one present on Christmas Eve too. I've done this since my eldest was small and my OH finds it ever so strange.
Love the train set villages!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas
Love and ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Serenata said...

Lovely - you are so close...glad the girls are settling down now. You've reminded me I need to phone Mum & Dad before Christmas Eve, to explain the lack of cards & pressies!

VintageVicki said...

Gosh christmas eve tomorrow - can I send my over-excited boys so they can burst twice??

We have pressies christmas eve too - but these are nice new pj's :) Santa is kind though and always leaves a pressie at the top of the stocking that can be opened and will keep its new owner happy for a while if they wake too early - sometimes he even remembers to leave the chocolate coins at the top of the stocking too!!

Everything all wrapped here - just need to finish the food shopping.

Merry Christmas to you & yours

Vicki xxxxx

Sarah said...

It's summer over here so barefoot most days, especially the one with blisters. No sun today though, boo hoo. We finally wrote our Christmas letter yesterday so pretty good for us! Did you notice I've written two posts today?

Lululiz said...

You obviously have nothing better to do than writing TWO posts, lol, you are way too prepared and organised. This is quite a lovely post though, so I don't mind at all.

Croap Queen said...

Lovely post Sarah, and those kids are really having fun.

Have a wonderful Christmas
Jo x

Michela said...

Thank you for this lovely and so unusual Christmas tour! How scary to now that overthere it's already Christmas Eve! We will open the presents on the 25th morning, if I manage to buy them on the 24th's afternoon ...wish me good luck!
Have a wonderful Christmas and lots of love to your daughters!


I'm wrapping now.... It feels good to have it almost here, and over with!
We've had a fun week as to take some of the PRESSURE of xmas off... We've done xmas parties, movies out, dinner out, and of course DENTIST APPOINTMENTS FOR ALL this week... I know, awful right? oh well, we head out for a good lunch afterwards. Have a glorious holiday!
We open family presents Xmas eve here, and Santa presents Xmas morning.... to much stuff for one shot... ;-)


RebeccaMom said...

Have a great Christmas! Glad you got your little present :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah!
Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.
hugs:Manka said...

Thank you for your good wishes! Merry christmas to you and a very happy new year too. 'see ' you again in the new year! suzie. xxx