Thursday, 3 December 2009

Dear Santa...

I've been very good this year, well except the time I bought a red pot for my new tree.

I've cooked dinner at least five or six nights each week.

I haven't run out of milk or bread in absolutely ages.

I've cut back on housework.

I've baked instead of bought on numerous occasions.

I managed to keep four children alive, well one broke a bit, but she's going to be just fine.

My husband still comes home every night so the house can't look that bad.

I've done most of my Christmas shopping with anything from one to four children in tow.

So can I please have two or three of your little elves for Christmas? I promise I'll be good all next year if you send them. I'll let them have Friday nights off and they can have as much spinach as they can eat. (No one else will eat it and it coming out our ears!)

Love from Sarah xxx

P.S. We'll put out extra mince pies and L&P if it's a deal.
(Beautiful card pictured was given to me by father for my birthday. It is so colourful you'd think there were flowers in it, but it's all berries. Amazing!)


claire said...

Thank You for your lovely comment Sarah. The List is full of unnecessary to do's so I'm not beating myself up too much :)
If Santa sends those elves, tell him where I live too!!!

Country Nanny said...

Dear Santa,
I've been very good too! I'd like to receive looootssss and looooottssss of beautiful gifts!!!! ;)
Happy Xmas time from Italy.

bekimarie said...

Would you mind sharing those elves, I promise to be really kind to them and not work them too hard but I could really do with some help here ;)
Beki xxx

Trudi said...

Oh my, I Love your post today! Especially the little bit broke child! You've done a stirling job Sarah! you deserve those elves, I'll add you request to my dear santa too and we'll see if it will help!

Serenata said...

I'm afraid the elves are coming here first Sarah... it is completely necessary as currently you have to climb over things in my lounge to get to the end!

Lululiz said...

Dear Santa,

when Sarah says she has been a good girl, don't you believe it. She takes great delight in gleefully calling very ungrannylike people Granny, in public! For all to see! Shameful behaviour, don't you think? She also poopoos people's excellent taste just because SHE doesn't like beiges and browns. Is that being a good girl? AND, to top it all, she tries to make said people wear big beige granny knickers.

So, Dear Santa, you can see that she is a naughtly little thing really. Doesn't deserve house elves. But if they are going spare, do send them to me, after all, being a Granny I must find it hard to cope with all the work round the house etc.

Floss said...

Liz is a real spoil-sport at times ;), isn't she! Could you agree to share the elves, to make up for the Granny incident(s)?

Sarah said...

Good grief, share the elves? You don't think there's enough work around here for them? Goodness I think they would be busy for a good few months. Maybe we could have weeks about after then. I know why Liz is so jeallous - She just wants to sit by the fire crocheting granny blankets all day while these poor little creatures are slaving away. It's a necessity for me! said...

Do you think I might have one too pleasies??? Suzie. xxx said...

Oh, just remembered what I kept meaning to do! Thank you for advertising my giveaway!!!! Lovely lady you are! suzie. xxx

Amy said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm impressed with your list and think you deserve more than two elves. In fact, I'm going to send Mrs. Claus to tend to your chores so that you can spend a week at a spa since you so clearly need some time off.

Sarah said...

Did you hear that!!! Mrs Claus herself is coming to help little old me! Woo hoo!!!! But the spa won't be necessary thank you, as I will be too busy turning my children into happy little morsels. It was a nice thought, but it's just the shopping and housework I need help with.

I eagerly await your arrival. I'll be sure to have clean sheets at the ready and I'll even get one of the girls to clean the toilet for you. See you shortly!

jus said...

Your girls clean the toilet for you!!!! What do you put in their weetbix? Actually, I'll make sure the elves pop a little of it in their pockets just before I lure them away with lipstick and jam sandwiches... I think I should go to bed now, all this crazy talk of elves and children who do chores has left me quite lightheaded, x

Pomona said...

Pick the spinach leaves really small and use them in salad - indistinguishable from lettuce in mixed leaves, and very good for you! Or sell bags of baby leaves at the front gate - we sold quite a few in the summer here!

And if you have a spare pixie turn up, please could I have one?

Pomona x

Angela said...

Spinach, and mince pies I understand- but what is L&P??
Found yur post viaFloss - and loving it!
Advent blessings xx

Joan said...

I don't know what L&P is either, but I didn't want to always be the clueless one.

Sarah said...

Ha ha funny Joan! Most of yuo won't know what it is if you haven't been to NZ. Tricky aren't I?!! It's proper name is Lemon & Paeroa. It tastes like nothing else, quite unique. Very nice and no I have no idea what Paeroa is at all. Perhaps Lorraine (another Kiwi) knows and can enlighten us all.
Anyway our girls always insist that Santa has this drink and it's about the only time we buy it. We know Santa enjoys it because he always drinks it all up!

The Rose Room said...

thats nice but frankly I think I should have the elves, I will put out chocolate and beer if its a deal! Rachaelxo

Sarah said...

Maybe we should leave bags of spinach for the reindeer this year instead of nine carrots. Do you think they would eat it? I could explain The Challenge to Santa and I'm sure he'd understand. Waste not want not and all that.

As for all you wanting elves for yourselves too. Really, I should put a copywrite whatsit on my blog. I'm having first go with them OK?!!

Lucille said...

'One broke a bit'. I'm sorry- I shouldn't have laughed but I did. I came over from Little Cottage Comforts and will come again.