Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Pause In Advent 2

Well if Lorraine has only just posted her second Advent post today, maybe it's not too late for me to do the same. It's just been such a very busy week for me and I haven't had time to do much around the house at all. You can only imagine how it's looking!! It's all so lovely having so many Christmas events at this time of year, but my goodness they do get in the way of everyday life.

I have so many things I could tell you about but I just don't have the time. Still, I'm sure you all have beautiful photos just itching to get on here as well.

So, Week 2 of Advent. This week we are talking about traditions in our family. I love building traditions for our girls to look forward to. There are quite a few now and some of them I have put on notes in the Advent Calendar. I think it's these traditions that really make Christmas what it is - special.
We all look forward to a few things in particular. There's the annual Santa Parade which really sparks things off for us. This year's was the day before my birthday, and actually it wasn't too bad for a change.
We usually put the tree up at the beginning of December, but this year we will putting it up later. We let the girls do all the decorating except the lights. Because they are all so opinionated and bossy this gets done fairly well. Just the odd adjustment here and there for asthetics and that's it.
We take the girls out late one night closer to Christmas Day to see 'the lights'.
The girls and I make and write Christmas cards for our friends.
The letter to Santa gets a special session - today.
And on Christmas Eve we all go to the Children's Service at church.
Oh and another naughty tradition that started a couple of years ago, is to open any one present each under the tree that night. That's actually so much fun and probably the one present that gets more attention than all the others, although we do open all the presents on Christmas Day very slowly throughout the day, so they are enjoyed. (We had a nasty experience with ungrateful children a number of years ago and some presents were then hidden away!!)

And speaking of presents, look what Pomona gave me for my birthday...

Five pieces of vintage fabrics just perfect for patchwork, and these absolutely beautiful postcards with silver glitter accents. Aren't they just amazing?

This just might be my favourite one! I'll never be able to part with them I'm quite sure. Although it would be nicer for me to share their beauty wouldn't it? We'll see.

They did arrive in time but I've just been to busy to photograph them and post them. What a kind thought from a lovely friend. Thank you very much!
Well now I must go and start proceedings for the Letters to Santa. One must supervise such an important event!! Hope you are all enjoying the nice bits and not getting too frazzled too often!


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

beautiful candle arrangement!

TheMadHouse said...

I am so with you on traditions, it is what makes this time of the year so special. My two are 4 and 3 and we are slowing adding new ones that they enjoy.

Lululiz said...

Christmas traditions are wonderful. Our boys are all in their 20s now, 2 still at home, so we still have to have stockings with little prezzies, which are opened Xmas morning. We still have to have the artificial tree in the drawing room, and still have to have to real tree in the hall, with the same decorations we had when the boys were young. We still have our Christmas fondue with our bestest friends the Saturday before Christmas, and the boys and DH still have to have the leftover fondue stuff on Sunday morning.
I love Christmas.

Pomona said...

I am sitting here in my office with a total of one card and no tinsel, so am not feeling at all festive! I am glad you like the fabrics - I feel quite envious of them!

Pomona x

Michela said...

Lovely gifts from Pomona! ..I wonder what does Santa wear in NZ..

Sarah said...

Oh Michela you'd laugh your head off if you saw our Santa!! He has the dreadful heat to contend with, being in the summer, so he wears his thick coat, hot boots, lined trousers and pom pom hat. How stupid is that man??? I feel sorry for him in the Santa parade if it's a really nice day.

Sarah said...

A message for Lululiz from Sarah's husband. How lucky are you having a room completly dedicated to drawing!