Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Pause In Advent Part 3

Here we are, late as usual, but feeling suddenly much better about things which is always nice to hear, is it not? So it's the 3rd week in Advent which means Christmas is just around the corner now. Sorry for reminding you, please don't throw that at me.

This week, my topic is to remember that Christmas is also the season for giving. Being on The Challenge I have been rather challenged in this area. I have to admit to buying some items as there is only so much of me to go around and time is of the essence these days. Please forgive me, but golly I have tried.

And speaking of lacking in time, just in the nick of time, guess who arrived on my doorstep on Friday????

Yee Ha!! Yes those wonderful creatures, Santa's elves! And boy have they whipped up a storm around here. I hardly recognise the place. The window frames and the blinds have all been cleaned in every room (actually the dear husband did that!), the floors vacuumed (well some of them), the bathrooms are sparkling (OK the guest one is and now the girls are forbidden to enter it), the entrance way is mopped (because someone peed all over it), and we are trying to keep the place a little tidier (and failing miserably as No.4 is quite against tidiness).
But anyway, look what those dear little elves have baked... Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies. The smell was truly divine.

Strawberries have been chopped in preparation for Strawberry Jam...

Apricots, bananas, pineapple, passion fruit were prepared for Fruit Salad Jam and apricots for Apricot Jam...

And just look at how nicely they are displayed! Those elves really now how to set the scene for blogging don't they? Bless their little green slippers.

Baskets have been filled with treats for giving to teachers, friends and family... for this is the season for giving. (The school teachers were very grateful for their homemade treats today too! I forgot to take the kindy presents, left them on the table can you believe it??? Yes you probably can actually.)

Sweet little bags with red gingham bows adorn the cookies and Christmas tarts...
And just look at this glorious sight! A fruit cake made and given to us by my Mother, brimming with nuts, (that cost an absolute fortune which nearly caused my mother to faint at the counter!!) whole fruits and all gluten free.

Look what we were gifted from last week's kindy activity. Our third little pasta, button, matchstick, tinsel wreath spray painted in silver made by our clever little No.3. These are my absolute favourite all time decorations. Here they all are, just one more to come in a year or two.

And along with quite a few other bloggers, we put up our Christmas tree in the weekend. The girls did it all themselves and had, well, a grumpy time. No.4 was sent to her room just after this photo was taken because she really was loosing the plot!). It does look rather lovely with the twinkling lights at night. Unfortunately as it doesn't get dark until after 9pm the girls really don't get to enjoy it as much. They do each have a mini tree by their beds which is so festive and special for them.

So yesterday and today we have been wizzing around the country side leaving little parcels on doorsteps. No Christmas cards have been written around here, but presents have been delivered instead. Well you can't do everything can you?
Now I really must be off and cook some dinner. Senior Prize Giving tonight and husband is taking No.1 to sing in the choir, and who knows about the prizes.
My wish for you this week is for your Christmas shopping, card writing and present wrapping
to be finished and you are sitting back relaxing with a mince pie and a glass of wine.


Sarah said...

Dear Mummy,

You have done so much jam and cookie making I think you deserve something special!!

Love Lucy Locket

Floss said...

Bless those little elves! Any chance of them popping over to France now?

You're doing well, Sarah. Everything looks lovely with the red gingham theme!

Sarah said...

Oh golly Floss, not yet, they haven't wrapped the pressies or written the Christmas cards either. I'll get them to get a move on and see if they can spare a couple of days in France. After all it is on their way home.

TheMadHouse said...

Oh My, all those cookies and jams look wonderful and those wreaths are something very special to keep and cherish forever.

No cards wrote here either

Serenata said...

Hey you cheeky mrs I'll have you know that THAT shelf is dust free! But I could sure do with some elves for the rest of the house! I've tried to get those santa boys on the case, but well, they just haven't got it in them, they'd rather just climb onto the bookcase and stay down at the chaos that reigns!

I can't believe how much you've got done this week - superwoman!

Lululiz said...

After Floss has had your elves, can I have them, pretty please? I don't mind waiting a day or two. But I need them, desperately!

And PLEEAAAASE refrain from posting photos of such wonderful culinary delights, its early morning here and now I want to stuff my face with cakes and biscuits and and and.....

Sarah said...

Well Serenata, I'll have you know that not one shelf in our house in dust free so you are doing a fine job. On second thoughts, I don't think anything around here is dust free. Oh those elves will be so busy this week!

bekimarie said...

Those elves have been busy haven't they? I know they have to do the rounds but do you think you could send them my way please, i'm in desperate need of help here.
Really must make the cranberry and chocolate cookies, I made them last year and they really are delish, gave plenty away as gifts and they went down really well.
Beki xxx

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Sarah, you house must have the most amazing, delicious smell!
Your elves must be wearing their elvish feet out!
I like your no 3's silvery wreaths too...isn't it good when the kids bring home crafty bits we like!
Yep...I find Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere a teeny bit frustrating? Our kids NEVER get to see our Christmas lights on (our tree is sans lights) in our windows...if they stayed up to view them, they would indeed turn into 'pumpkins', and the pumpkin Christmas elves would have to decide to banish them from ever viewing Christmas lights in Australasia again, because they get so cranky! So rather to going to that extreme, they go to be early.

Pomona said...

I love the picture of your girls decorating the tree - one to treasure for a long time, I think! And that is a good thing about Christmas and all those guests - it gets the house clean. I refuse to allow any decorations to go up until the dusting has been done, and somehow it gets done quite quickly!

Have a fun week and never mind the cards!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

Oh , strawberries and apricots now when I see snow outside here in the garden! Lucky you! Everything looks just soooo yummy...!
It's so strange to me, that you've already put up your Christmas tree.In Hungary we put it up only on 24th December, in the late afternoon.


Itch2stitch.com said...

I love teh way you ( and elves!) have decorated those jars! Gosh thank you for your wish for us, I hope it comes true! suzie. xxx

sallgood said...

Love all of your preparations, and would love your cranberry cookie recipe!

Sarah said...

Yes I am sure I could part with this super easy recipe. I'll try and remember it tomorrow. It was first given to my friend in a jar, in layers, and then you add a couple of ingredients and bake. Great idea for a Christmas gift.