Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Pause In Advent

Dear Floss has started up "A Pause in Advent" for us to share our thoughts, memories, traditions or whatever we like in the lead up to Christmas. It's a moment to think about what's important in life. You must visit her blog and read what she has written. She writes so well.

So anyway I'm probably the last one to contribute as I've been a bit busy sorry. I know you all have too, but you'll understand what I mean in a minute. Anyway I thought that I would put together an Advent wreath of sorts yesterday, (yes late again!) and this is what we ended up with. Not bad really.

I asked No. 3 to bring me in some special shells from the garden and instead No.4 brought me a large pile of broken shell bits. Well they would be a good base product so all was good. Eventually I received a few nice shells that we placed around the neck of one of the candles.

No. 4 brought me six nice pieces of white rock which I thought perfect to represent our family. Nice going lovey! Later on after school No.2 thought some small twigs would look nice in the third container. We'll see what No.1 picks today. She must have been busy (or in trouble!) yesterday.

So this week we will be thinking about our family. As I have said in the past I feel very fortunate to have four daughters and such a loving husband. I also have wonderful parents who are always there for their granddaughters and us and live only minutes away. Very handy when someone breaks an arm or some such!

The girls have been lucky enough to know one set of their great grandparents as well, although there's only Gran now. They see her most weeks and they love her. It's good for children to have older people in their lives. The can teach them about history and other important

So this month I have decided to spend less time on the computer and more time doing fun things with my family. We have some exciting activities planned in the Advent calendar which will require time in planning and doing. All good fun. I will probably only post weekly for a while and probably not be able to visit as many blogs as usual. Please don't be offended if I don't leave my usual comment, I do care what you are up to, I just don't have as much time right now.

The lovely Michela has sent me a Christmas parcel. Just look at the card! What a laugh. She calls me Mrs Red Gingham and uses every opportunity to use the fabric.

And what a fitting doll. Isn't she the cutest?!!! She's made from an overlocking thread cardboard cone. Isn't that a great idea? Of course I love her apron.

Have you ever seen such amazing buttons before?!! They are cut from shell and the red ones must be dyed I think. I have decided to use some of them on my Christmas Garland when we finally get around to making one. They will be perfect.

And if that wasn't enough, there were also these wonderful sweets. I had to try one just to see if I liked them of course. And yes indeed I did! That's the only one gone, which is quite impressive, is it not? The others are on display on the buffet, and fingers off!!

I was wearing the perfect coloured tee-shirt for my flash new necklace too. What a generous present. Thank you so very much Michela! I love all of it. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas too. Gosh, aren't friends wonderful?

Remember my birthday? Here's the pavlova cake my dear mother made for me. See, only six candles! Actually most of you were fairly on the button with my age. I am 38 now. Anything with a three at the front is quite acceptable for me.

And that dear husband of mine bought me this lovely winter wonderland house. I've taken the photo at night but the flash keeps going off so you miss the whole night light thing. I'll have to work on that one. It's like a pop-up book with little stars on the book that change colour. The snow icicles light up as well, as does the stream and the inside of the house. It's absolutely beautiful, so twinkly and pretty.

Goodness you should have seen the girls with their armloads of presents on Sunday! There were 11!!! craft magazines, several novels, the new CK Sew book, cutting mat, quilting ruler, fat quarters, chocolates and a few other goodies too. That man of mine is just the best when it comes to birthdays. He puts me to shame when it comes to his, and it's less than a month from now as well. Time to panic!

Well I think that's it for me today. Hope you all have a good week with less rain and more fun.
Love Sarah xxx


Serenata said...

I've got a Christmas house very similar to yours. I will have to find a photo - or get hubby to find it in the loft as it is time to get it out.

The pockets aren't that big! - enough to put in a chocolate each, a little note each and a useful item such as a highlighter pen, rubber etc...

Love the Christmas wreath.

Pomona said...

What lovely presents - have a really good Advent - and what a wonderful way to start it off by having a birthday!

Pomona x

Floss said...

Great update on your birthday, and a wonderful start to Advent - I really like the personalised wreath. There isn't a better Advent gift than the time you're going to give to your daughters, so we'll put on a brave face and try to live with less of you ourselves!

Lululiz said...

I think at this time of the year, all crafty bloggers are so very busy.We are all in the same boat, we all have to cut down on blogging time. Spending time with the children is so important, I really miss my boys being little. We used to do so much together.

Michela is such a generous person, isn't she? She sent you such lovely gifts. Sounds like you had wonderful prezzies from your family as well.

Your advent wreath is brilliant, totally unique and doubly precious because everybody was involved in making it.

TheMadHouse said...

Hi there, I am a fellow adventer from over at Flosses. I agree that advent is a time for family. Our advent stockings that I made this year, have a little task for the boys to complete. We are dressing our tree tonight!

sallgood said...

Finding balance in our busy lives can be tricky. Enjoy this season of LOVE with your family!

I'm so far behind on all the projects I'm trying to complete, but we had a great Thanksgiving with the people that matter most in our lives.
(Hope you saw the red gingham ornaments I made- your blog inspired my fabric choice! Wanted to send you one, but the photo will have to do I guess!) :D

Kaye Swain said...

What fun Advent goings-on! I especially loved the unique personalized Advent wreath and the Christmas house. Very cute! :)

Anonymous said...

What an unusual Advent wreath, it's lovely!I like your plans for Advent.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! I forgot to say that the white candle is actually our wedding candle. It's got to be good for something as it gets hidden away in a cupboard and never lit. Which reminds me our anniversary is in a few days and I always forget - always!! It's like the biggest joke now. I thought men were supposed to forget these things.

bad penny said...

Hello Mrs Red Gingham - how funny & how very sweet of Michela.

I love your advent candles which your girls are filling. My oldest teen filled the advent calender with sweets this year - I felt old !

Trying to spend less time on the computer too .... so I can clean the house !


ooh! I am so far behind on reading blogs! broken arms, christmas rush, yikes! It looks to me like your finding though a way to enjoy the moments. So lucky you are to have the great grandparents! So many magical moments to share this season. I hope you find savory quiet time, to absorb it all. I love that little scrappy santa!!

Floss said...

HI again, Sarah, may I borrow a photo or two from this for my next Advent post, please?