Monday, 23 November 2009

What Has The Woman Sent?!!

Well I found a sweet little present for you on Saturday. It wasn't at Market Day, but at the shop by dance class. It's a creative centre and the shop there sells things that crafters have made. It's a great place to shop for presents as they are reasonably priced and very unique. So this secretly hidden present, with a very lovely felt envelope, will be part of my giveaway. I'll add a few bits and pieces as it would be a bit boring unwrapping just one present wouldn't it?

Now I have decided that I would like one of my regulars to win my birthday giveaway. So if you left me a message on my last post, 'Oh Dear!', then your name will be put into a hat on Sunday 29th, my birthday, and she will draw a winner out. Sound fair? By the way No.2 is feeling quite good now thank you. She did love reading your kind messages.

And speaking of presents, my goodness did a wonderful collection of them arrive this morning! All the way across the world, dear Liz trawled the op shops and market places to find as much red gingham and spots as she could carry by the looks of things!! She warned me beforehand that it was all a bit of fun and nothing serious, and she would have to explain a few items. Just look at this bag full...

Liz you completely spoilt me!! And she just did this because she is such a sweetie. Thank you so much for all these lovelies. Well, shall we have a bit of a looksie then?
A spotty cap which will be perfect at a picnic as I will now match my picnic blanket!! Great as camouflage should war break out. Spotty pen and pencil case - very useful and will also blend in. Fragrant beads wrapped in gingham that looks like a necklace but is probably a smelly for my wardrobe. Four gingham squares for jam jar covers I'm guessing.
Two padded coat hangers for my best clothes. And the funniest thing of all... a red gingham school uniform dress that I nearly wet myself over when I opened it!!! Imagine sending me a uniform?!!! What a hoot!

Shower cap covers for the fridge leftovers, beats the clear ones I currently use by a long shot!

The prettiest kitchen cloth that Liz must have known I've been pining for since I first saw them on UK blogs.

I'm not sure if No.2 is ready to forgive me yet for dressing her up!! She is so glad it's not her real uniform as she is not keen on it at all! I think it fabulous and I'm hoping No.3 will let me dress her in it when she gets home. Isn't she just the funniest?!! Honestly we were both in stitches afterwards. So funny! (Have you noticed the plunger on the floor? You never know when you may need one in a hurry!)

Look what I picked up the the op shop this week...
and these darling little florets. I thought they suited that name! I'm thinking these will be perfect for adding to my bags and cushions. The tray cloth will be carefully cut up into individual stars for our Christmas bunting. How flash will that look I wonder. I've had to give them a good soak to revive them back to their former glory. I wish I had taken before photos because I was quite shocked when I found them so very white. I may have to tea stain the little ones.

Well that's enough for today. I feel a list coming on. I think I may have many more things to make for Christmas still. Really don't know what I'm up to. Don't like that feeling of being so unorganised, you would think I would have got used to it by now wouldn't you?
Oh golly No.4 is finally thinking about toilet training herself. Must go and supervise! I didn't ever think she would get there as she's so much later than the others. Bye!!!


Bev C said...

Gosh that certainly is a lot of wonderful gingham presents. The stamp in a previous post could be used for stamping biscuits as well. Just another idea to keep you guys busy. Have a great day.

Serenata said...

Wow what a lot of Gingham fun! Love the little florets and will be interested to see what you do with them.

I'm starting to worry that December is just around the corner - how did it get here so quickly?

Sarah said...

Love the idea of stamping biscuits! Thanks Bev!

I am also having many freak-out moments today about Christmas. I need to calm down and make that jolly list and just start ticking things off it. I also need to stop being so hard on myself and just let it go! It's only one day!!!

Michela said...

Glad your little one is feeling better! Lovely pressies from Liz! I will surely remember to wish you happy birthday on the 29th November, as it's my nan's birthday too!

Pomona said...

I don't know about you, but by the time I got to no 3 I was fairly ground down, and she has really decided how to bring herself up - I just forbade tantrums, but things like potty training, bedtime, bathing, she really set her one agenda. The boys tell me that I brought them up in a far harder school - now the whole atmosphere seems one of benign neglect. And fancy hanging a coat hanger on the poor little dear's ear - how much did you pay her? Plungers are an important item for large families - the drains are four times as likely to block up.

I am very sorry I missed your last post and the chance to win a present - I do rather like your presents! And I hope the arm is not causing too much trouble.

Pomona x

Floss said...

Fantastic gingham goodies!I did a little purple trawl of the charity shops for Juanita Tortilla the other day but it wasn't as productive as Liz's lovely haul.

If you keep that photo of your daughter and I keep the one of Son 2 wearing only a pinny and some beads, we could have great blackmail material later in life (although I think my one would earn me more...)

Felicity said...

lovely gingham and spots gifts! your daughter is good to let you use her as a model my son who is only four just gives me alook when i mention my blog! hehe! fliss xx

Lace hearts said...

How funny, I was sent a gingham school dress recently. I love the idea now of using it for padded hangers, so thank you!
I'm sorry I missed your post about no. 2's wrist. I'm missing a lot of blogging posts recently... it's been one of those few weeks, with my no 2 starting secondary and all the accompanying trauma that can cause. But big Ouch! I do hope she's okay.
I love the lace, and what a good idea for the tray cloth. xxx

Priyanca said...

Ohmigosh! I just discovered your blog today and it has done a couple of things for me -
1) Re-inspired me to start blogging again after a hiatus of more than a year
2)Inspired me to do more in terms of recycling, reusing and pretty-fying old things and
3)makes me wish I could sew nd quilt!!!!

I just LOVE the stuff you make, I can't believe that someone can be as talented as you! I love everything you make, but most especially the bags, the quilt and the pillowcase (?) nighties! All the best for your challenge!

p/s I live in Wellington :)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much Priyanca! You must let me know when your blog is up and running. Recycling can be so much fun and it's so rewarding too.

It seems I may have missed a few people out of my giveaway! I will rethink it as I don't want that to happen. I tend to rush into things without giving them much thought!!

Priyanca said...

Heya Sarah,
My blog is up and running - I've actually been blogging (albeit intermittently) since 2003 (I just realised how long its been when I revisited my blog today). However, it's not a craft blog, though I hope to change that a little and add stuff as I get on to them.

I went out and bought a little printing block of my own from Trade Aid and a length of fabric too! Now I just need to think of a project and get on to it.

And yes, I will keep an eye out for your giveaways - I love the idea of these things!!

This is my blog

I look forward to reading more of your posts!


sallgood said...

Wow! What a gingham collection! And love your thrifting/recycling items too!

Lululiz said...

OMG, do you really think your daughter will forgive you for making her dress up in EVERYTHING and having her pic on your blog for everyone to see? You cruel woman, you. Although I do have to say, she looks rather fetching all ginghamed up. She is a jolly good sport.
By way of explanation of a few of the items - errmm, the spotty cap was fought for ferociously and snatched out of the air when it was thrown from a publicity van at the Tour de France which passed near our home in France 2 years ago. The little squares are not exactly jam jar covers, although perfectly suitable for that, they lined the wooden thingy our favourite French cheese, La Rustique, comes in. The gingham beady thing, not at all sure what it is, I think its a necklace, but who cares, it gingham, lol. And the school uniform, well, that was just too good to resist, lol, great for a bit of dressing up fun. I am so glad you took it all in good spirit, it really was just meant to be a bit of ginghamy fun.