Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Nigel No-Mates

This picture really pleases me. I love the fabrics, the colours, the fact that they are all my bags and just the jolliness of it all. It looks kind of summery to me.

Instead of blogging or sewing before I decided to be a good wife and mother and fold the washing. Just look at this pile! Honestly just how many clothes does one have to wear in a week? This photo just doesn't do it justice. The washing trolley was overflowing.

But now we have lovely piles of clean clothes, ready to be placed in drawers, all ready to dirty up again. Sigh!

Now the socks are always a big problem. No. 3 and I played a matching game with them to try and make the job a little more enjoyable. I think I had more fun than she.

And here are the Nigel no-mates! Why does this always happen??? Well actually if you knew our girls, and you probably know some similar, dirty washing is usually scattered all over the show. Just this morning as I was loading the boot with food shopping, I noticed the side drink holders stuffed with a pair of dirty socks. Yuck!

Actually that reminds me of another really gross happening at our house this week. There was a lunch box (which I don't often use) on No. 3's bedroom floor so I picked it up only to discover a very green bread roll inside. I only know it was a bread roll as I remember packing it, oh... about three weeks ago! Poor Daddy opened it to wash it and nearly died from the spores exploding out of the box. Hmmm, better get on top of the girls rooms this week.

And at last we have empty clothes racks. What a lovely feeling. Really it doesn't take much to please me.
This little nook pleases me greatly at the moment. It's by the front door and just perfect for a little play dough session. They look like nice cakes honey!

Now I have to say a big thank you for all your very nice comments about my little house. It really is rather sweet I have to admit. I just wish they were easy to put together or I would make a few more. But sadly I'm not sure any of us are up to the stress right now.

Well considering I haven't had a drink of any kind since 6.30 this morning, and it's now 1.45pm, I think I'll go and sit down with a nice hot cup of tea. It will make a nice change sitting on the sofa during the day! Hope your day is going well for you. Catch up with some of you later on.
Bye for now,
Sarah xxx


Lululiz said...

I tell ya, there is a very popular flourishing Singles Club in Sockopolis......... many many many of mine have gone there never to return, leaving behind sad, lonely and dejected feeling partners, who nevertheless still live on in hope of being reuinited. I mean, a huge basketful of them. Perhaps its time to tell them the truth, their partners are gone forever. I'll send them to sock heaven, I think.

Pomona said...

Glad you are keeping it all up to scratch on the home front - I think all that laundry would be enough to drive me to drink. I have just posted a picture of your bag's sibling on my blog - and I think now I might have half an hour on the sofa, too!

Pomona x

Floss said...

Now, is there any chance that your run-away socks are making their way to my house, to party with the big boys' socks which are sitting, friendless, on top of our chest of drawers at the moment? All summer the boys don't wear socks, so it is quite scary that in about one month I have formed a collection of about 10 odd socks... and counting...

Anonymous said...

Very valuable piece

Sarah said...

Anonymous what do you mean by valuable piece? I'm hoping you saw something lurking in the background that's worth thousands but I'm guessing not! Maybe you just liked the content.