Thursday, 19 November 2009

Little Christmas Birds

I just had to post today as I couldn't very well leave that messy kitchen up any longer! It looks the same again today by the way. At least if I make something I have it to enjoy the next day. If I spend that same time tidying the kitchen it will look the same tomorrow. What sounds more productive to you? Well I already know the answer to that question because you all agreed with me, I should sew. Thanks for your support you lovely people. Big hug (...........)

Isn't it funny when a little theme starts and you don't realise it until ages later. This time it seems to be birds. We've had our share of baby birds in the garden this year. Unfortunately none of them survived as much as we tried to protect them. Some were just newborns and didn't survive the fall.

These little Tilda birds are from the Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle book. It's such a lovely book and one of my favs. They are very easy to make although I'm a bit over making these birds now. I'm not sure how many I've made but it must be over ten which is quite a lot for me. I'm a one hit wonder kind of girl.

I've enclosed them with several presents, for special people, for a little touch of Christmas ...

And see what I picked up at the Trade Aid shop this week...

Yet another type of bird. Not sure if it's a peacock or not. No.2 thinks it's a cactus bird! Anyway he's going to feature on our Christmas Cards this year. Well, when I figure what to print it with. Stamp pads didn't seem to work. The stamp is made from wood so not the sort you can push from side to side to get a good print. I'll have to try paint I think. Has anyone else used one of these?

I've been a bit busy this week and No.4 has taken to waking me most nights (how rude of her!) which is most unusual these days. It's starting to get a bit hot these nights so it could be that. So anyway I'm feeling rather exhausted to say the least. And tomorrow I'm off to a Christmas fair in the morning, but I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully next week I can make it a bit quieter.

Oooh guess what? My husband and I (sounds posh doesn't it?) are off to the movies tomorrow night!! We can't remember doing this since having children which has been ten+ years!!! I mean we've been to the movies, just not together. Weird! And it's not even my kind of movie but I've been promised lollies if I'll sit still and pretend to watch. I think the movie's called 2012. I'll let you know how it went.

I'm not expecting to blog tomorrow so have yourselves a lovely weekend!!

Sarah xxx

P.S. It's my birthday next weekend, is anyone up for a little giveaway? Mmm I'll have to have a little think about this. Maybe I could pick up a little something from the fair tomorrow? Anyone interested? I think it will be a surprise giveaway, a bit like getting a present from me. I'll get back to you with this idea.


sweet emmelie said...

love the red fabric, the birds are so sweet. Have fun on your date.

and oh yes I know what it is like to be woken every night, no 2 just hasn't got it together yet.

juanitatortilla said...

Those birds are the sweetest! You are giving me ideas...

A birthday surprise giveaway?!? Why not? I will fight to be the first in line for that one :)

VintageVicki said...

Hi from chilly England :)

Try using a fine paint roller to get ink/paint onto the stamp.

Love your little birds - really cute.

Enjoy the film - saw the trailer and that was scarey enough for me *blush*

Michela said...

Hi Sarah! Big apologies as I've realised only yesterday evening that the lovely card you sent me was drawn by one of your sweet daughters! P.S. Lumps are delicious!!!
Have a great time both at the fair and at the cinema! x

Floss said...

I think that the stamp was made for fabric, so I imagine that it was 'loaded' with fabric dye soaked into a really squishy pad - -that's why I think a hard ink pad wouldn't work. Maybe you could try to improvise a good squishy, soggy pad for paint. It is lovely (and I'm sure it is a peacock, althought I love the idea of a cactus bird).

It would not be possible to pay me to watch 2012 - I just HATE disaster movies. So I think you're really noble to go along!

A giveaway??? Pourquoi non? Merci!



(Sorry, pretentious bad French - don't know what came over me.)

Sarah said...

Thanks VV I'll give that a go. I think it's going to be rather messy this card making! Best I do it without the little helpers I think. Wouldn't want too much red paint on the carpet.

Sarah said...

Oh Floss a fabric stamp - of course!! That gives me plenty of other ideas for it now. How exciting! Maybe I'll be able to make some nice patterned fabric?

sally said...

Thanks for the birdie inspiration, I think I might have a go at making a wreath with some on too!
Enjoy the film I think those sort of films are much better on the big screen. Let us know what it was like, I might go and see it next week!
Byee - we are about to go and get blown away on the school run!
Sal x

Trudi said...

Love those little birds, and just might have to have a go at a wreath like Sally!

Enjoy the movies!

The stamp is just lovely, you canget fabric die stamps, try it on spare paper and fabric first! Great to get the children involved in this, mine have had a ball over the years!

Giveaway - Oooh yes please!

Hugs from wind torn UK !

Pomona said...

As a proud birdkeeper, I just wanted to say how much I love mine! When I did some stamping a few years ago I had a mini sponge roller, and used acrylic paint - I made wrapping paper, cards, etc. And I think you know the answer to the word 'giveaway'!

Pomona x said...

I love those little birds. I enjoy feeding the wild ones in the garden. And the birds! Ha ha. I would be up for a giveaway, definitely! suzie. xxx

Serenata said...

I'm hoping to make some of those little birds as well. I traced out the pattern some time ago and that was as far as I got.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fair tomorrow. As to a giveaway - yes please!

karen said...

Hehehe I hve been making a lot of those birds too. they really are quick and easy when you make them up in batches aren't they.

The stamp: it might be worth your while looking for a big juicy felt tip pen. Just colour directly onto the stamp as quickly as you can and then stamp onto your paper. The jucier the pen and the quicker you can do it the better.
Hope you get some sucsess with it. It it a lovely stamp.
Hae fun at your craft fair.

Lululiz said...

Your birds are gorgeous and mine is still hanging amongst the roses waiting for the Christmas Tree to be put up.

The peacock stamp is a lovely find. I hope you can work out how to get it to print properly. Would love to see the end result.

claire said...

love love love those birds and just the perfect embellishment for a lovely gift ;)

Heleen said...

The birds are just lovely! Have fun at the movies! (Maybe you'll go more often if you eat your lolly and sit

Anonymous said...

I love your Tilda birds ,they are so pretty, I think I should make some,too as I love birds so much!

I hope you had a great time at the movie!

Lace hearts said...

Those birds work so well, don't they. I'm just like you. I can't make one or two of something. I end up making lots, and then have too many to know what to do with. Mind you, birds are always so nice to hang around.
Enjoy the film. My 13 yr old went yesterday and enjoyed it - her dad let her go with friends, and I was worried when I found out, but she wasn't scared at all! I'll have to go now and see what all the fuss is about. x

RebeccaMom said...

the birds are adorable! I love how you put them on the wreath :)

Croap Queen said...

Very pretty Sarah, clever old thing you are.

Hope you enjoyed the movies and managed to sit still long enough for a lolly or 3

Mary Poppins said...

Wow gorgeous, you are a clever thing they look so cute :)

Now then, I wondered if you would like my old tablecloth, see I have heard from a little birdie that you love them and have seen you amazing beautiful gifts to claire, wanted to pop on and say how lovely you are to send claire such adorable gifts, I know she has been glowing about receiving your pretties



sallgood said...

I've printed with wooden stamps like that using a brayer to roll paint on, and then stamping it on paper or even fabric. I've used acrylic paint for this.(I used metalic gold paint on a paisley block like this, and printed on a deep tomato red paper- loved how it came out!) You can experiment with printing on a padded surface or a harder one under your paper to see which works best for you.

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