Thursday, 26 November 2009

One Of Those Weeks

I've been having one of those weeks I afraid. You know the ones, when you think you waste too much time on here rather than actually doing the work. Christmas is starting to sink in and panic me. There's so much to do and attend on top of everything normal. I've also been wondering if I should just 'can' blogging too. But I know it's just the Christmas thing and next year I'll have plenty of time again and I do enjoy rabbiting on to anyone prepared to listen. Oh and good listeners you are too! Thank you all. xxx

So I've been a good girl and have finished a few projects this week. This bear is what I made this morning. She's from the Softies book although I just cut a pattern for her as I don't have access to a photocopier. Not to worry, makes her a bit more unique.

I did make one small change for her. She's supposed to be wearing an apron, but really!!! I couldn't be responsible for her having a dull life in the kitchen, especially when I loath the room myself. No she's more of a tree climbing kind of girl. I did make her a little brooch though, kind of feminine and cute. Not sure who will be receiving her for Christmas but I have plans to make a pink one as well. This was just a try out really. Do you like her red gingham hands?!!! Bit oven glovey really. Never mind.

Well I've successfully managed to screw up my birthday giveaway by leaving people out. I just scanned down the comments and thought all were present. NOT!!! Really sorry for leaving some of you out but as it hasn't actually happened yet, all's well that ends well. And being one of the female sex, I am entitled to change my mind at any given moment without explanation. So the rules have changed.
Now thinking on the spot once again, I will now explain the new rules of my giveaway. Ummm, ummm, arrr, OK, maybe we could play a game. How about you tell me what I'm going to be doing for my birthday and maybe guess how many candles will be on my cake. Yes I am expecting a cake as my girls wouldn't have it any other way. Sweet things! Oh and please don't advertise my giveaway, it's just for you, my dear friends.
The winner will the one with the closest guess and perhaps the funniest. We'll see, I'll let my girls decide. See it's all wishy washy again! Here's a photo of the main prize (but don't get too excited please!) hidden away in a little felt pocket. There will be a few little extras too! Oh and I will announce the winner on Sunday, my birthday - whenever I can fit it in. Good luck!
Right moving on, look what I received in the post yesterday! Another parcel from Liz. Really that girl is bad!! She sent me one of her lavender bags that I have always admired for my birthday. Luckily I had just bought some lavender last Friday so I was able to fill it immediately. Isn't she clever, and kind too? Thank you so very much Liz, I love it!!

I'm going to go and make some pikelet batter for afternoon tea. No.2 wants to make some when she arrives home from school. Gosh she can be a brick that girl! You wouldn't know she had a broken arm. The only thing she needs help with is her bath. I'm very impressed with her.
Sadly I'm not so impressed with her teacher! No.2 left her school sandals outside the classroom the day she broke her arm and forgot to pick them up when she picked up her bag. Trauma can do that to a girl. Anyway they were left outside the classroom all weekend and on Monday too, and now they are nowhere to be seen. Gosh I was so cross with her teacher so I went to school and had a bit of go at her. She didn't seem to think she should bring in forgotten shoes as she never has before! So off to the deputy head I went and now we have the whole school on the lookout for them. Honestly the things a mother has to do sometimes!
Right, rant over. You can go now.


meg said...

Your bear is very cute! I took a wee break from blogging and it was nice to come back to it and enjoy it again. Really no one was putting pressure on me but myself but I felt like I had to keep doing it regularly for the grandparents. Anyway will you be spending your birthday sewing while someone else takes the girls out for the day? I have no idea how old you are! Perhaps if you have a ten year old I'll guess 38? Only because that's how old I'll be when my oldest is ten :o)

sweet emmelie said...

I adore your softie, good work! love the dress fabric, looks familar?;)
I'm guessing 36 and maybe you might be taken to the sky tower for lunch and to truly celebrate they will make you bungy jump off the tower!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness sweet emmelie I certainly hope not!! I hate it up there and as for bungy jumping - forget it!

My husband thinks my new bear looks freeky. Kind of spooky with it's eyes and weird shaped head. Nice. My girls all love her so she can't be that weird.

Pomona said...

My initial reaction was the big 40 but I wouldn't want to age you prematurely and your energetic attitude is surely indicative of only 26, but I will settle for 37 (which I assure seems young to me, such have the years rolled on for me). And the celebration - I would have said a family outing for pizza, but a gluten and dairy free pizza would just be a tomato, which seems too boring. And it might possibly contravene the handmade and thrifty challenge. So I think perhaps your family (including the littlies) will be taking charge of the catering, and then I remembered that it wasn't really November with you - well, I know it is literally November but poetically and metaphorically it is springing towards summer, so I think a family picnic in a park - or even the beach - do you have a beach near you? Maybe you could do a barbecue. And by being outside any boys present can run round in circles and shout without disturbing any other parties. I know, I know - I am so immersed in family life after 19 years of motherhood that I can't even imagine a quiet romantic dinner for two in an elegant restaurant ... I don't even have the clothes for it any more (sob!).

And I realize that I have been verbose - I know that you have commented on my verbosity before, but I am sorry, I think I was born like it.

Have a very happy day anyway!

Pomona x

Floss said...

Hi Sarah, I've caught our sproggy lurgy and don't feel brainy enough to comment. Let's just say that you're younger than me and will stay that way, and that I hope you have a healthy and restful birthday!

When the blogging gets too much for me I just announce a mini-break and come back refreshed.

Croap Queen said...

I don't announce a blog break, I just don't post for a while - mostly because I'm lazy and it takes up too much time when I could be doing something crafty instead.

I'm guessing you're about 37 or 38, but going on 14. Your attitude is very young and bubbly, which given how busy you are is amazing, so I reckon you're young enough to cope with it all. LOL. As for the big day, I'm guessing breakfast in bed made by the girlies; Daddy will then remove girlies so Mummy can have a day to herself; Daddy will then return, clean the house from top to bottom and prepare a wonderful dinner for 2, after having fed and bathed and seen the girlies off to bed. Am I close?

The bear is NOT freaky, I think she's very cute and definitely a kitchen-phobic kinda girl.

Jo x

Joan said...

The bear is cute, but I have to admit that at first glance I thought it was a mouse. I think that the eyes being more to the side than on top suggested "mouse" to me.
I don't know what you'll be doing on your 35th birthday, but I'm pretty sure that it won't be done in the kitchen. :)

Bev C said...

Hello Sarah, A girl should never give out how old she is!!! I am going for 34!!! Oh to be that age again. Have a great day. I guess you are going on a gingham picnic oh you will be wearing that little uniform you got as well. Anyway have a lovely day.Love the softie,whoever it goes to it will be loved and treasured. Happy days.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday !
I love your little bear, sooo sweet..

I think you're about 33...

Serenata said...

Guess what I found for you today? Yes a pair of pinking shears - can you wait until I come over or would you like me to send them now?

Oh, better go and read your post now ;-)

Serenata said...

Lovely bear Sarah. Well as to your age, you are younger than me for sure. I'm guessing 36 as that is the age I always say I am when anyone asks. Not sure why I picked that age, but it sounds good ;-) Of course you are probably more likely to be about 33. As to how you are going to celebrate your birthday - well all I can say is it will probably be very family orientated. Hope you have a super lovely day whatever you do!

Sarah said...

Oh my dear Croap Queen how completely wrong can a girl be!!! It would take a year to clean our house from top to bottom for a start and as for him cooking a meal for two... Hmmmm I think I'd rather eat out!

Apparently I am having breakfast in bed so that's all good news. Oh and my husband and girls spoil me rotten with masses of presents!!! He's so good with birthdays. Can't wait now, I'm starting to get a little bit excited.

Priyanca said...

Hi Sarah,
I think you will make a picnic hamper filled with goodies and take it to the Domain along with A and your 4 cuties. You will be wearing your red gingham school uniform, have your hair tied up in red gingham bows and carry your red gingham apron-bag much to A's chagrin. On the way back, you might stop off at a fabric store after much bribing of children and buy more red gingham! Oh and the bribe may involve a trip to the Smiggle store (which i too adore, might I add) since both you and the kids enjoy the explosion of colour!
Doesn't that sound like a fab day?!
My guess is that you are turning 34

p/s it really is picnic weather this weekend - I checked with the chaps at the Met service!

Sarah said...

Priyanca you would be right in that it would be ME packing the picnic basket! I'm now thinking of ditching the current plans and doing your suggestion with the fabric and Smiggle shops. Very nice! The girls would love me.

As for a couple of you ladies suggesting I would actually fit into that children's size 8 uniform dress - please!!! I am tempted to give it a go now though! We'll see. Would hate to get stuck half way and get into a tiz. Imagine the real life photos that would produce!

Croap Queen said...

Dare you Sarah, along with pics to cheer us all up on your birthday :-) said...

Hello! I love your little bear, so cute!
I hope you have a wonderful bithday! I am guessing 34, and you will be having a gingham party where all the guests have to wear red gingham dresses and hats, and eat red gingham cupcakes!
I know what you mean, lately I feel lke I spend way too much time writing , reading and attending to the blog world and Keep thinking do I need a break? Then I carry on!

Love to you. suzie. xxx

Joan said...

Ok, I'm clueless (again). What is a Smiggle Shop?

jus said...

35, fish and chips on the beach with a bottle of sparkling sav blanc, bit of a paddle then home to change into your new birthday dress, ready for the cinema which is showing 'where the wild things are'...can I come too? I'll buy the popcorn ;) x

Michela said...

Oh, "never ask a lady her age" we say here! I'd like to be the 1st one to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAD MUMMY!!!!!!!