Friday, 6 November 2009


to my not so perfect, but very happy with, life. Please feel free to have a wander and poke your nose into places you may later regret.

First up we have a very lovely parcel that arrived in the mail this morning. I'm not one to wait until the moment is just right, and the camera is handy to photograph the parcel first. I'm more the sort that just makes it to the car before ripping the tape off wishing there were a pair of scissors handy. Gosh I love parcels! And I love the contents of them more!!

This parcel was from Pomona who wanted to swap tea towels for one of my jeans bags. Very nice tea towels they are too. Just look at the pretty new ones below. Could you get cuter than those? I don't think so. Please note my really awful bench in the top photo. I really hate it but it does the job and is probably way bigger than most people have. It's also clean and tidy from a wee session yesterday. Big gold star for me!

And with Pomona also on "The Challenge" she went out and found some thrifted tea towels for me too. Also very lovely and I'm sure they will make a lovely bag or two.

And if that was not enough, she also popped in a few fabrics. Very generous indeed. Now did you notice the non ironed and non cropped photos of imperfection? Lovely and homely aren't they? Well that is reality. I'm sorry but I'm not going to get the iron out, even for you.

And all this loveliness was all tied up with these very beautiful gingham ribbons. One can never have too much gingham ribbon in one's good enough life.

Remember this? I finally got the dear husband to help make hangers for the advent calendars last night. One is ready for us to hang on the 1st of December and the other I have just dropped off at my Mother's. She organises a grief programme for children and adults who are going through grief. I thought it would be nice as a raffle prize this Christmas. Oooh that reminds me, I must start organising some goodies to fill our calendar.

Look I even made a tag for it! Just trying to look a bit professional. Funny looking really but it does the trick as the other side has some care instructions on it.

And here is the photo of the day from our house...

A very common scene in the corner of our lounge of washing, bag hook, a cubby house and a secretarial nook. These will remain this way until I decide the room really is getting out of control. But leaving this untidiness means I have been able to visit my Gran, the dentist for two fillings (ouch), picking up my babies from Nana's, eating lunch and writing a blog. See I can't do everything but I did do the dishes before I left home at 8.30 this morning. Now that's not happened in about a week. And I'm completely OK about all of it.
Right, now I need to get the little ones in the car ready for the big girls to have their swimming lesson as soon as they get home. Have a good enough day today!


sallgood said...

Your advent calendar is so cute, I just love it!

Floss said...

Love the Advent Calendars - I completely forgot to buy the FT chocs I wanted for ours when I was in the UK, so I've had to put in an internet order instead (sigh)...

I win - I have THREE clothes airers up behind MY computer!

Sarah said...

Woo hoo Floss, you are the champion so far. Can anyone better that? I can only do two at one time. Very sad I know.

Hmmm I wonder what FT chocs are? I like chocolate frogs so there may be some of those in our pockets. Maybe I should have a few turn as well.

Speaking of Advent calendars, do you know the best thing about the number 24? It makes opening the pockets even for 1,2, 3, and 4 children. How fab is that?

Pomona said...

I am so glad the parcel arrived safely and look forward to seeing what you make of it! Your advent calendar is wonderful - I haven't even started on mine yet, let alone the presents!

And your house doesn't look that messy, either - I am sure mine is worse!

VintageVicki said...

I love your advent calendar - I think I'm too late to start making one this year but will definately try for next year.

Only have 2 airers up at the moment but both are full.

Perhaps instead of a show us your cath day we need a show a real piece of your home including dryers day ;) said...

Lovely cloths from Pomona! love that advent calendar, its just edible! Your home looks lovely and just how a home should look! suzie. xx

karen said...

What pretty tea towels I guess it's not just me that has a thing for them lol.
Oh and sorry for butting in but I think I'm ahead of you folk I have 4 full clother airers that are on the go constatly. Hubby always joke's that it looks like a chinese laundry in our house lol.

the cookie cutter said...

Your advent calender is lovely. I am interested to see what you are going to fill the pockets with. Nice to see your washing hanging in your house, mine stays like that for days on end. I like hanging washing, but hate packing it away! x

jus said...

Sarah, you saucy wee thing! Dan Carter has the ability to do that to a girl doesn't he ;)?
I'm loving the Moments movement...just as long as we don't have to start posting pictures of the things that lurk under our beds!x

The Garden Bell said...

Just found you via Little Cottage Comfort. Great idea, showing your real life and not avoiding the messie little piles we all have.

Hope you don't mind if I follow in your journey in life.

Sure hope you can stop by over at my garden.

We are underway on a remodel, so my piles just keep moving from room to room

Very nice blog you have here.

The Garden Bell - Kate

Anonymous said...

Sarah, thank you.....

I like your Advent Calendar.
(We have been using the one I made from matchboxes for seven years now...My son doesn't allow me to throw it away or change it...:))

karen said...

Yes that is a knife and fork but don't be fooled, he only uses them because he absolutly hate's to get his hands dirty Trying to get him to do fingerpaintimg at pre school is an absolute nightmare lol.
The quilt is a laure ashley one I'm pretty sure I bought it in janurary it was reduced from £90 to £35 so hubby treated me to it.
Thanks for popping by and leaving me a lovely comment.

Michela said...

Pomona has been so generous! Love your Advent calendar! Yesterday while I was shopping (ooops, sorry for mentioning that dirty word!) I saw some calendars and cribs and thought of you (luckily we have already Christmas decs in shops).
What kind of cribs can you get there in NZ?