Thursday, 5 November 2009

My Real Life

I found a blog yesterday on my travels called "A Commonplace Life". Have a look at this posting. It's quite funny. And now I have joined the long list of people willing to post real life stuff on their blog.

I guess that means showing a bit more, not cropping out all the crap, being a bit more truthful about the ups and downs of everyday life. Moments.

My everyday life can sometimes be busy, mostly nice and homely, really loud at times, and jolly messy most of the time. But, as Amy writes, that's just life. We have to sacrifice something in order to have something else. We aren't unusual at all either. Most people I know have mess, squabbling, unmatching furniture, things they would prefer to change.
But this is what I have been given and I'm truly grateful for what I have. I have a lovely family, home and friends. And I love them for what they are, most of the time.
So to start with, this month, I will be showing you at least one real life 'moment' for you to see. Laugh at it, cry over it or do whatever your emotions decide. I think I sort of show real life a bit anyway. There was the messy path along with the tidy ones a couple of days ago wasn't there?
Please feel free to join in. There is also a button on my side bar. Enjoy your real life today!


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Floss said...


I really struggle with the real life stuff, because I can blog about anything I want my mum to know, but nothing that would distress her in her illness. She knows me well and can cope with a lot, but I still can't say if I'm feeling down or something, because it will get her down too.

Floss said...

PS the tre with the steps was in Paris!

Pomona said...

You're very brave! I only have about 2 places in my house neat enough to photograph, and then I do a lot of cropping! I might have to do a bit of tidying first before revealing all!

Pomona x

Floss said...

I had a look at the blog you mentioned, and I like what she's saying - it made me think about some of the things that dis-satisfy me about blogging (what - heresy?!?).

So now I've put a comment on my sidebar labeled Reality Check, to which I can refer anyone who thinks my life is just perfect!

RebeccaMom said...

I thought of you today, I was at a thrift store and there were rolls of d gingham ribbon! :) Have a great day!

Joan said...

OK. How's this? Over the past week, we've had to clean up over a dozen dead or half-dead palmetto bugs in our house. Palmetto bugs live in the south, and they're basically super-sized roaches. People from up north would likely faint if they saw one.